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Brooke’s Fall Update

BrookePhew!  Summer has a way of disappearing in a flash these days.  Moxie had an incredible spring and summer traveling to cycling, triathlons and running events throughout the country and visiting our valued authorized dealers.  Our early travels brought us to Wisconsin, Arizona, IL, and Utah and we enjoyed saying hello to familiar faces and making new friends.  At this point in the season, after what seems like months on the road, we pause and reflect on the growth of the business and want to express a sincere heartfelt thank you to all of our fans who believe as passionately about pursuing dynamic experiences as we do. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you.  Continue reading

Tour of America’s Dairyland

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 10.34.59 AM

This summer, Moxie has partnered with ToAD to support and encourage women in cycling.  Moxie jerseys are being donated to use as primes for the Women’s Category 3 and Category 4 races.  Our SE Wisconsin sales rep, Jillian, has also set up a tent at several events throughout the series to showcase our unique lines.

ToAD stands for Tour of America’s Dairyland and it’s the nation’s largest amateur and pro-cycling race series, lasting 11-days and drawing hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators.  Cyclists from around the world come to South Eastern Wisconsin to compete for placement, points, primes and the grand prize:  a spot on the podium! Each day of the series is hosted by a different city, with a different on-road course, or “criterion” race featuring men, women and children of all ages and skill levels (beginner to professional).   ToAD is not just for cyclists, though…”it’s a massive neighborhood event”! Days begin at 11am and festivities (children’s races, beer barrel pulls, milk drinking contests, markets, games and more) go on till the main events: The Women’s and Men’s Pro Races.  With speeds averaging 35-40mph and crowds well in excess of 10,000 the atmosphere is exciting!

We caught up with Jillian to share her experience at ToAD.

“It’s been so much fun for me.  Showing up in the morning before the roads are closed off to traffic, setting up my tent with the other vendors and watching the crowds start to trickle in.  Continue reading

Q&A with RAAM Team Riders Dani & Kacie

Moxie Cycling is proud to announce the sponsorship of Kacie Darden and Dani Grabol as they prepare to take part in the 2013 Race Across America.

These two awesomely ambitious women will be racing 3,000-miles beginning June 15th in Oceanside, CA and finishing in Annapolis, MA. Kacie and Dani are in full-on training mode and have hopes to break the female 2-person team record! As they ramp up training and prepare for this athletic feat, we will be posting updates on our Facebook page and holding Twitterviews, live interviews via our Twitter feed, in the coming weeks.

We invite you to join our conversations by following @MoxieCycling on Twitter during these dates at 4PM CDT:

  • Thursday, April 11 // Discussing their training regiment 
  • Thursday, April 25 // Discussing the race course, which goes through 12 states
  • Thursday, May 9 // Discussing the importance of nutrition
  • Thursday, May 23 // Discussing the mental strength factor in endurance events
  • Thursday, June 6 // Discussing the final preparation for the race

Read about how Dani and Kacie got their start in cycling, who serves as their inspiration and more

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Behind the Scenes

Team Moxie Cycling goes to China // Brooke and Deb visit China to visit  & see production firsthand

moxie cycling, moxie women's jersey, cycling jersey, women's cycling jersey

Post Holidays, Moxie Cycling was excited and felt it was appropriate to welcome in the new year with an exciting trip to China to visit our factory and review first product off of the line for the 2013 collection. What a wonderful and enriching trip it was! Here are some especially memorable aspects of the adventure.

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Meet Moxie

From our partner Esprit de She’s January 2013 Newsletter, an interview with Brooke and Deb:
01/03/2013, 6:30pm CST By Esprit de She

What to do when that just-right cycling jersey proves elusive? If you are Brooke Freiborg and Deb Amorde, creators of Moxie Cycling, you take matters into your own hands and design your own.

What to do when that just-right cycling jersey proves elusive? If you are Brooke Freiborg and Deb Amorde, creators of Moxie Cycling, you take matters into your own hands and design your own. The result: a stylish-yet-functional T-back jersey that will take you from your ride to coffee to running errands — and everything in between.

Because the women of Moxie have made it their mission to bring more women to cycling through evolved apparel design, they are showering you with some amazing gifts. When you RSVP to an Esprit de She Cycle, Duathlon or Triathlonevent, you will receive this custom commemorative jersey, valued at $58, courtesy of Moxie! Plus, if you register before April 1, you will receive a $25 gift certificate to help you get outfitted for a great season.

Moxie Gift Certificate

We recently caught up with Brooke and Deb to learn about the inspiration behind Moxie — and how one little piece of fabric brought big dreams to reality.

Tell us about the development of that very first jersey: When did the light bulb come on and how did you proceed from idea to design?

Brooke: The first jersey was really a combination of several years of involvement in the sport and a reaction to the options available in the marketplace. I can vividly remember the exchange Deb and I had about the “retro” jerseys in her closet before I first started cycling. I think I may have even said something along the lines of, “There’s no way I’m going to wear that. There’s got to be something better.” So, being the very stubborn person I am, I chose to just wear yoga and running tanks and tees for my long training and touring rides. It’s no surprise to avid cyclists that there was an inherent flaw in my thinking — yoga and running garments are designed for those activities, whereas a cycling jersey has been technically designed and tested for cycling. I learned that lesson the hard way and it took 1000+ miles to show me the error of my thinking.

Long story short: my pursuit of a technical, yet stylish and comfortable, cycling tank jersey led us to the development of our first collection. I created a hand-sewn prototype in 2010, and then we hired an agency to develop patterns and run production in 2011. Business rule number one was (and still is) that we needed to surround ourselves with people smarter than ourselves. Our first hires were specialists in apparel development. After all, if we were going to develop a premium brand designed specifically for women, product quality and design were paramount.

Deb: We had talked half-heartedly a few times about making a business out of stylish, yet performance-based women’s cycling apparel, but got serious about the idea during the winter of 2010. Once we committed to market testing the concept, we worked with a local pattern maker to pull together a working garment that included all the ideas and inspirations we gathered through the months preceding the formation of the business.

How long did it take you to settle on the particular design that is the hallmark of Moxie? Did you road-test it?

Deb: It didn’t take long to know what we wanted, just several months of actually creating and refining. As mentioned earlier, Brooke sewed our first jersey, although it had a completely different design. Once our first T-back prototype was complete, we tested it personally on rides and held a fit-party so other women could try the jersey as well. We really wanted feedback from women of all shapes, sizes and cycling abilities. After all, the jerseys were designed to meet the needs of women cyclists, so the best way to accomplish that objective is to work with actual women.

Brooke: The design process for the first jersey happened rather quickly.The first “prototype” (and I’ll use the word prototype very loosely when it comes to my sewing skills) was a simple racerback style with a scoop neck, printed body with color blocking on the side panels, and three-pocket design.It has a lot of similarities to the first T-back style we introduced in July of 2010. I wore the prototype the final day of our 450-mile journey at RAGBRAI 2009.

Meet Moxie - Deb & Brooke

What did you do before Moxie? Did you leave other careers to pursue this dream?

Brooke: I have a B.A. in Marketing & Finance and have been in the marketing and advertising field for 7+ years. I wouldn’t say I’ve left my career, rather extended it into a business of my own. I am so thankful to all of the entrepreneurs, clients and colleagues I’ve worked with over the years who have trusted me to make recommendations and run with them. I grew so much as a thought leader through those experiences.

Deb: Prior to Moxie, I had a career in Video Production and Licensing.

What advice can you give women who want to turn an idea that they are passionate about into a business?

Deb: I would strongly encourage them to pursue their passion, realizing that it will take a lot of effort. As we all know in fitness, anything worth having takes work. You need to do what most people aren’t willing to do to reap the rewards most will never see. Starting and running a successful business is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. There’s a great sense of accomplishment.

Brooke: Go for it! Set benchmarks for yourself. Define what success means. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Be unique. Take intelligent risks. And think BIG. If you don’t believe in your idea, who will?

What’s special about your jersey’s cut and fabric?

Brooke: The first thing that everyone notices is the style. It doesn’t look like a cycling jersey. That’s intentional. It’s designed to appeal to what women wear off the bike whether it is during a run, yoga or even everyday fashion.The semi-fitted cut is designed to be figure flattering to women of all body types — not just the super skinny ones. The bra is one of our top selling features. It’s not the ordinary shelf bra you find in typical athletic tanks. It’s a full sports bra with enough support that cyclists don’t need to layer another bra. Just ask our customer who wears a 38E. The woman literally hugged me when she tried it on.

Deb: The fabric is made of very comfortable yet functional material, but the sleeveless design coupled with the performance aspects of a built-in support bra, long lengths and a three-pocket design is what sets a Moxie jersey apart.

How did you first get involved in cycling and what do you love most about the sport?

Deb: Outside the traditional bike riding we all do as kids growing up, I got my first taste of cycling when I was asked to participate in RAGBRAI (a border-to-border ride across the state of Iowa). I bought a bike, started training, but then wasn’t able to participate. A few years later with a bike that hadn’t seen a lot of miles, I still had a desire to complete the challenge. I asked Brooke if she and her husband would want to ride RAGBRAI with me. In 2009, we participated in our first RAGBRAI, an event that has become an annual event for us.

There are so many aspects I love about cycling. I love the feeling of “getting away” that comes when I’m on my bike. I love that I can be as casual or as serious about the sport as I want. I love that it’s a sport I can stick with as I age. But I love the sense of community and the social aspect most of all.

Brooke: I’ve ridden a bike since I was a little girl, of course. Funny enough, my dad actually transported my sister, brother and me to ride in the last 20 miles of a day of RAGBRAI when I was in middle school. I didn’t become a true cyclist though until 2009, when Deb invited my husband and me to join her in the 442-mile, 23,000-feet-of-climbing trek across Iowa that is called RAGBRAI. Nothing like jumping in headfirst.

Women are becoming attracted to cycling in record numbers. What does the industry need to do to better welcome them and serve them?

Deb: I feel the industry needs to understand how to relate to women cyclists in general and then specifically to women of all riding interests and abilities. Women are very passionate and carry great influence, and if we’re able to provide products and services that truly meet their needs we will have done well in welcoming them to the sport.

Tell us about your favorite cycling route.

Moxie Ladies on RAGBRAI

Brooke: I have many. I love the camaraderie and community that comes with cycling. Whether it’s a multi-day touring event or a ride out to St. Bonnys for breakfast, there’s something magical about the open road. There is clarity and peace of mind when I’m on the road clipping along at a comfortable pace or working hard to push myself to become a stronger rider.And then off the road, sharing a cocktail or cup of coffee with new and old friends. I couldn’t be more jazzed about the culture and community of the new Esprit de She series — it’s everything I love about cycling all wrapped up with a pretty little bow for so many women to come together.

Deb: For short rides, I really enjoy the trails at Elm Creek. I love the mix of scenery, hills and flats. For long rides, I head west toward Corcoran, Rogers and St. Michael. I love the way you can get into a zone and ride without interruption.

Any plans to increase your product line? Women’s shorts, perhaps?

Brooke: Yes, we’re deep in product development for 2014 now. We’ll round out our collection with lots of exciting new styles, including more tops, bottoms, layers and accessories. We can’t wait to show the world our vision. Women cyclists deserve more options that are stylish, performance-oriented and comfortable.

Do you have a lucky piece of cycling clothing?

Deb: I don’t know if I would tag them “lucky,” but I love my Sidi shoes and will be very sad when I need to get a new pair.

What has been your best selling jersey so far? Did it surprise you?

Brooke: Jester is our best selling jersey to date. Deb and I both loved it the minute we saw it, but we thought it was a little quirky. We certainly didn’t expect it to have the mass appeal that it has. It’s actually quite funny that the jersey I thought would be the best selling jersey and the jersey that came back from focus groups as the fan-favorite are actually our two bottom colors. Interesting!

Deb: Jester — I’m somewhat surprised simply because it’s so bold; I wasn’t sure how people would react to it. That print was one of my favorites when we were finalizing selections for the inaugural collection. I’m glad it’s been so successful.

What is your favorite color?

Deb: Black — it works well with my practical nature and is so universal, how can you go wrong?

Brooke: I don’t pick favorites. I claim it’s a middle child thing.

Do you have a favorite phrase or mantra to live by?

Brooke: “There’s no time like the present.”It’s been my mantra for years, but it wasn’t succinctly said or written until my husband said it to me when we were discussing my transition to pursuing Moxie full-time. Whether it’s in the business or personal sense, I couldn’t agree with it more.

Deb: “How you spend your time and your money reveals your priorities” and “where ever you are, be there.”


Moxie Cycling Jerseys – By Women For Women

From the online news source Industry Outsider on December 14th, 2012.

In all the years I have been cycling, I have never been thrilled with the jerseys. In fact, I got hand me downs when I started cycling and have never actually purchased one. Sad, I know, but I have never found a jersey I like that fits well. They all look the same and they are made for men. Until now! Moxie Cycling recently gifted me their 2013 Peacock Jersey with T-back.

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Moxie at Interbike 2012!

Interbike 2012 in Vegas // Mystery shoppers, Cyclecross madness & Human Bio-electric Emulation technology

We’re going to go against the age-old adage of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and telling you all about our Interbike experience! (Well, except for that one night) If you aren’t familiar, Interbike is the premier cycling trade event in North America with more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands. It is the place to be seen if you are looking to advance your brand and network within the biking community.

moxie cycling, women's jersey, cycling women, women's cycling, interbike, interbike 2012, interbike vegas

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Moxie on the Jesse James Bike Tour 2012

Summer is starting to wind down, unfortunately, but Moxie Cycling’s calendar is still full! We had a blast last weekend riding in the Jesse James Bike Tour 2012 in southern Minnesota. The tour is run by the Northfield Rotary Club to celebrate the defeat of Jesse James Days in 1876. They invite you to “come for the ride, and stay for the raid,” where the failed bank robbery that led to the demise of the James-Young gang is re-enacted. This year the rides range from 10 to 100 miles, and you know that the Moxie team met the challenge and rode the Century route!

moxie cycling, moxie women's cycling, women's cycling jersey, jesse james ride

“Traverse some of the most beautiful country in southern Minnesota, including the Sogn Valley—a hidden gem, the Faribault lakes area, and rolling rural hills. Great tests! Exhilarating rides!”

It was a 25 mph head wind day with rolling hills- not an easy task- but we had a great time riding with some of our Moxie ladies and men. As part of the ride we got spurs for our cycling shoes and squirt guns complete with holsters to keep us cool.

moxie cycling, moxie cycling jersey, moxie cycling women, women's cycling jersey, jesse james ride

Stick ’em up Cowboy!

moxie cycling, moxie jersey, moxie women's jersey, jesse james ride

Saddle up!

What a fun, but exhausting day! We are planning to make this an annual event, hopefully we can get more of you Moxie women signed up with us in 2013.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie Cycling

Help Us Name This Jersey for 2013!

Moxie Sighting! // Moxie lady wearing our latest style in Madison, WI! 

This cyclist was lucky enough to get in on the pre-sale of our 2013 line we debuted during RAGBRAI week. We are still coming up with creative names for our latest styles – leave a comment if you think you have a good match for this one!

moxie cycling women's cycling jersey

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Roundup: Ragbrai 2012!

What we love this week // RAGBRAI 2012!

It’s probably obvious now that we are big fans of the annual bike ride across Iowa, but in case you aren’t familiar with the event, we are happy to give you the rundown of how much fun this cycling gathering is! RAGABRAI actually stands for Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. The ride first began in 1973, making this year’s ride the 40th annual RAGABRAI. In the first year, there were 114 riders who completed the ride, and since then, the numbers have continued to grow until they had to limit the ride to a total of 8,500 week-long riders and 1,500 day long riders. This means on an average RAGBRAI day in Iowa you can see some 10,000 cyclist’s going down the road!

RAGBRAI Iowa annual ride 2012 moxie cycling

Just another day in Iowa on RAGBRAI

And when you get that many cycling aficionados together, you get a very diverse but wonderfully united crowd. Some of the team names we came across were brilliant…as well as the men dressed like Elvis, the older couples dressed in all pink including feather boas, the multiple groups of proud beer drinkers, and of course the lovely ladies dressed in Moxie!

moxie cycling jerseys ragbrai 2012

Tamara, Abby & Brooke in two of our styles coming out in 2013

The first day we were able to get the Moxie Men out on the official Moxie Tandem bike! Thanks to a recent ‘pimp my tandem’ makeover, this relic is looking super shiny and in the signature Moxie green. After the 50 mile ride, Alex and Denton confirmed that it takes some major man moxie to pedal that single-speed.

moxie cycling tandem ragbrai 2012

One fellow RAGBRAI rider had to ask, “You know that’s a single-speed right?” But the men of Moxie were able to persevere!

Denton and Jordan even completed the Century ride and earned their patch.

ragbrai century ride moxie cycling

What us Moxie ladies are celebrating about is the expo before the first day of riding where Moxie Cycling had a booth debuting our 2013 line with a pre-sale! We are so proud and excited to reveal our new patterns and styles, and have had some great feedback so far. It was great fun to see women the remainder of the ride wearing our jerseys! Check out these Moxie spottings:

moxie cycling women's jersey ragbrai

moxie cycling women's jerseys ragbrai 2012

moxie cycling women's jersey cycling ragbrai 2012

And here is Team Moxie Cycling at the finish! Dipping our tires as per the tradition.

moxie cycling women's jerseys ragbrai

moxie cycling ragbrai 2012 women's jerseys

If you would like to look into purchasing any of the latest jerseys, please send an e-mail to or to get your preview catalog and receive ordering information.

ragbrai moxie cycling women's cycling jersey

Were you at RAGBRAI?? Send us your Moxie Spotting pics and we’ll share them in our next post!

Are you interested in joining us at RAGBRAI next year? Drop us a line at the above email address, in the comments below, or at our Facebook page and we can coordinate information! We are always interested in finding more women cyclists to join us!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie