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What’s Better Than Water?

by Helen Easterly representing Moxie Cycling in Georgia, USA

Helen's BikeWe’re in the middle of summer here in Georgia and, like most places that means it’s hot.  It also means that I find myself sweating more and needing more than just water in my bottles when I’m riding.  A sweaty Helen means more electrolytes lost and it’s important that I replace them.  Sports drinks are a must have this time of year!  Continue reading

Recover Like A Champ

by Susan Lacke from Fit Bottomed Girls

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Everyone loves a post-ride meal – it’s a time to indulge in your cravings, whether it’s a giant plate of pancakes or a platter of enchiladas from the Mexican joint down the street. When that meal is followed by a nap, it’s even better!

But could this recovery routine today be hurting your training next week? It’s possible. Though a post-workout routine can (and should!) be a celebration of what you’ve completed, it also sets the tone for what’s ahead. Recover like a champ with these tips:

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Knowing When to Push and When to Restrain

by Arleigh Jenkins from Bike Shop Girl

Moxie Cycling is partnering with chic women cyclists to bring you tips, stories and healthy recipes via our blog. Arleigh Jenkins, founder of the website Bike Shop Girl, has more than twelve years of bike industry experience, is currently a pro level bike mechanic living in Denver, CO and has shared her best advice on how to approach training when you are looking ahead to a new race season.

 July is a month of excitement in the bicycle world: The Tour de France is streaming multiple times a day, summer hours may be letting you get outside more and maybe you have kids that are out for the summer and can go on bike adventures. When you are training year-round, this is also a time of year that you may be taking a rest period to gear up for the race-heavy months of August and September.

arleig bike moxie cycling biking women's jersey jerseys

 For me, July is one of planning for the future; July 1st is historically the start of cyclocross training for races that start in late September. I’m starting to switch over to my slow-and-steady training efforts, which means putting the brakes on most of the high-intensity efforts that I have been doing for mountain bike racing.

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Behind the Scenes

Team Moxie Cycling goes to China // Brooke and Deb visit China to visit  & see production firsthand

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Post Holidays, Moxie Cycling was excited and felt it was appropriate to welcome in the new year with an exciting trip to China to visit our factory and review first product off of the line for the 2013 collection. What a wonderful and enriching trip it was! Here are some especially memorable aspects of the adventure.

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Roundup: Stocking Stuffers for Cycling Bookworms

What we love this week // Stuff the Stocking of the Bicycling Bookworm in your Life

Hooray for snow! We have finally gotten over a foot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota and although it limits the cycling industry to the very few and admirable, I’m happy we will have a semi-White Christmas. This is the Midwest after all! And after a full summer season, I finally have a reason to stay indoors and catch up on the books that have been making my ‘To Read’ list embarrassingly long. I have managed to cross a few off in the last few months and if you or a reader on your Christmas list is in need of a read, these would make excellent stocking stuffers.
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Moxie Women – Diane Stoller

November Moxie Mogul:

moxie cycling, women's cycling, ironman, cycling, cycling jersey

Diane Stoller 

Full-time breast cancer surgeon, mother of 3 children, and a 53-year-old Iron Man triathlon finisher

Moxie Cycling was first introduced to Diane when a mutual friend photographed Diane crossing the Iron Man finish line in her France Ave Moxie jersey and knew that we would be honored to hear she chose our jersey. We of course are honored and were excited to hear more of her story on the path to the 2012 Madison, WI Ironman in our Moxie Mogul interview:

Moxie Cycling – How did you first find yourself becoming involved in triathlons?

Diane Stoller I started running at 42 when my then 48-year-old husband had a heart attack. I thought to myself, we need to be healthier.  I weighed 60 pounds more when I started with no weight loss goals, just sweat 4 hours a week and eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day.  I let myself eat only ONE bad thing (a cookie, M&M’s, etc) per day.  I began following what the cardiologists told my husband to do.  Truth be told, he never did any of it but after 4 years I was down 50 pounds and running my first marathon.

Moxie Cycling What other events led you to participate in Iron Man? Continue reading

Moxie at Interbike 2012!

Interbike 2012 in Vegas // Mystery shoppers, Cyclecross madness & Human Bio-electric Emulation technology

We’re going to go against the age-old adage of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and telling you all about our Interbike experience! (Well, except for that one night) If you aren’t familiar, Interbike is the premier cycling trade event in North America with more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands. It is the place to be seen if you are looking to advance your brand and network within the biking community.

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Moxie on the Jesse James Bike Tour 2012

Summer is starting to wind down, unfortunately, but Moxie Cycling’s calendar is still full! We had a blast last weekend riding in the Jesse James Bike Tour 2012 in southern Minnesota. The tour is run by the Northfield Rotary Club to celebrate the defeat of Jesse James Days in 1876. They invite you to “come for the ride, and stay for the raid,” where the failed bank robbery that led to the demise of the James-Young gang is re-enacted. This year the rides range from 10 to 100 miles, and you know that the Moxie team met the challenge and rode the Century route!

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“Traverse some of the most beautiful country in southern Minnesota, including the Sogn Valley—a hidden gem, the Faribault lakes area, and rolling rural hills. Great tests! Exhilarating rides!”

It was a 25 mph head wind day with rolling hills- not an easy task- but we had a great time riding with some of our Moxie ladies and men. As part of the ride we got spurs for our cycling shoes and squirt guns complete with holsters to keep us cool.

moxie cycling, moxie cycling jersey, moxie cycling women, women's cycling jersey, jesse james ride

Stick ’em up Cowboy!

moxie cycling, moxie jersey, moxie women's jersey, jesse james ride

Saddle up!

What a fun, but exhausting day! We are planning to make this an annual event, hopefully we can get more of you Moxie women signed up with us in 2013.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie Cycling