Felicia Borchert | Saratoga Springs, UT  

I am a fitness and endorphin JUNKIE! I married my best friend and biggest supporter 12 years ago. We have two beautiful girls who keep us on our toes at all times. You can usually find me somewhere outdoors, whether it be in the mountains, on the lake, or in my backyard. I enjoy riding bikes, running, conversing with family and friends, and did I mention riding bikes. Yep! I love my bikes!!PrintNumber of years cycling: I started mountain biking with my husband a few years ago. I used to go begrudgingly with him, as truth be told it scared me to death. In the summer of 2014, I went to an all-women’s mountain biking camp. This 2-day camp completely changed my perspective and I fell in love with biking. Just last year I got the crazy idea to start doing triathlons. So now I get to enjoy riding on both pavement and dirt!

Proudest moment on or off the bike: One of my proudest moments is probably qualifying for and running the Boston marathon. Running in the Boston marathon was a big dream of mine. I attempted and failed to qualify many times. I finally qualified in a downpour at a local marathon. It was the greatest feeling. It taught me that if I really set my mind to something and put in the work, that great things can and will happen!

Weirdest post-ride craving:  There is nothing better than a greasy cheeseburger or nachos with extra jalapeños after a hard ride.

What is your spirit animal? Per google and a few random online quizzes my spirit animal is a cat. Yep! That’s right an ordinary house cat!

Where to find me rocking Moxie Cycling: You can find me rocking Moxie about everywhere! I wear it while climbing the Wasatch mountains, riding pavement, group rides with my local tri club, century rides and even while training indoors. Last year I wore my Moxie Jerseys in most of the triathlons I did and they were a perfect match. Not only are the super cute, but they are comfortable and functional as well.

Next challenge: This year will be full of a lot of triathlons and mountain biking. My biggest challenge will be a full Ironman!! Wow, my stomach just went in knots typing that. I am planning on doing Couer d’Alene in August. It will be my first full distance Ironman. Wish me luck!! I’m going to need it!!

Favorite style in the 2016 Spring line: I love them all but I am probably most excited for the Revolution and the High Vis Collections. I love the colors of the Revolution collection and nothing compares to the added safety and visibility that the Hi Vis Collection adds.

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