Tour of America’s Dairyland

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This summer, Moxie has partnered with ToAD to support and encourage women in cycling.  Moxie jerseys are being donated to use as primes for the Women’s Category 3 and Category 4 races.  Our SE Wisconsin sales rep, Jillian, has also set up a tent at several events throughout the series to showcase our unique lines.

ToAD stands for Tour of America’s Dairyland and it’s the nation’s largest amateur and pro-cycling race series, lasting 11-days and drawing hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators.  Cyclists from around the world come to South Eastern Wisconsin to compete for placement, points, primes and the grand prize:  a spot on the podium! Each day of the series is hosted by a different city, with a different on-road course, or “criterion” race featuring men, women and children of all ages and skill levels (beginner to professional).   ToAD is not just for cyclists, though…”it’s a massive neighborhood event”! Days begin at 11am and festivities (children’s races, beer barrel pulls, milk drinking contests, markets, games and more) go on till the main events: The Women’s and Men’s Pro Races.  With speeds averaging 35-40mph and crowds well in excess of 10,000 the atmosphere is exciting!

We caught up with Jillian to share her experience at ToAD.

“It’s been so much fun for me.  Showing up in the morning before the roads are closed off to traffic, setting up my tent with the other vendors and watching the crowds start to trickle in.  I love hearing the cheers as the racer zip around a corner or come screaming towards the finish line.   Selling Moxie jerseys has been a blast, too, and the response from visitors to the tent has been great.!!  Racers, Moxie & ToADgirlfriends, wives, sisters and community members are all atwitter about the colors, the materials, and the totally unique STYLE of our jerseys. 

The testimonials I’m hearing over and over are:  “I’ve never seen anything so functional and fun at the same time!” (Eileen, Milwaukee, WI), “This is the first cycling jersey I have ever bought, I’m SO EXCITED!” (Catherine, Milwaukee, WI).  “I’ve biked all over the world and have never seen anything to cute AND useful for a woman athlete.  I’m getting one for my daughter, too!” (Mandy, North Carolina).

The organizers of the ToAD events have been beyond gracious with Moxie, as well.  Cycling has historically been a male dominated sport, and the people who manage and host the ToAD races have been trying for years to bring in a stronger female presence.  Creating a partnership with Moxie just seems to be a natural part of the progression of things.  As a rep for this TOTALLY AWESOME line of jerseys, I’d like to say that it’s been an honor to be a part of change we’d all like to see:  in racing, recreational riding and life.”  – Jillian

Jillian, SE Wisconsin Sales Rep

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