Chris Schmit | Rochester, MN

Wife, stay at home momma, and cook to teen-age boys.  Professional volunteer.  Happy cyclist. Baker. Book reader.

Number of years cycling: 16

Proudest moment on or off the bike:  Becoming a Mom—both times.  A first of anything is pure JOY.  My first triathlon (2000), my first century ride (2003), my first full RAGBRAI (2014).

Weirdest post-ride craving: It’s always a beverage.  And, yes, I’ve craved beer after an early morning ride.  No, I didn’t do it.  Yes, I might do it.

What is your spirit animal? Spirit animal?  Hmmm.  Google tells me it’s the turtle…some mumbo jumbo about ancient wisdom and calm.  I object.

Where to find me rocking Moxie Cycling: In the winter months you’ll find me in the teaching in the cycle studio or on the fitness floor at the Rochester Athletic Club. In the summer time, good luck finding me…I’m on the move.  On the road on my bike, supporting my boys on the soccer field, in North West Wisconsin, again on my bike or on the lake with my new toy, a stand up paddle board.

Next challenge: Facing my son’s graduation and move out of my house. On the bike?  I’m already training for RAGBRAI in July!

Favorite styles in the 2016 Spring line: I can’t wait to wear the bright blues of the Contour and Rio Collections. I need some Merino Wool for the early season!

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