Suzanne Clements | Palm Bay, FL

I’m a Florida-based, self-employed photographer and graphic designer. So you know, trapped, inside, alone… all day. BUT, when I’m training for an event you’ll find me breaking up my workday with 5-10 mile sprints through the preserve on my bike. In times between events, I enjoy the exploration of the outdoors after work and on the weekend. Around here you never know what you might see on trail… big skies, peacocks, bobcats, owls, armadillos, coral snakes or gators. You name it. Half the fun is returning home with a memorable ride.PrintNumber of years cycling: Summer of 2016 will be the kick off of year 3!

Proudest moment on or off the bike: Finishing the Tour De Felasco in 2015… it was the longest, hardest ride I’d ever done. Florida doesn’t sport a lot of hills, so with a total elevation of around 2,500 and distance of 50 miles. You can bet I was beat after riding for just over five and a half hours. Crossing the finish line was an amazing experience.

Weirdest post-ride craving: I’m not sure that my post-ride craving is really weird, it’s just really delicious. A good beer (I love me some Guinness) and pulled pork or ribs. NOM.

What is your spirit animal? Say what? I haven’t properly explored that, what with the peyote and all, but the Chinese calendar claims I’m a snake 😉 I do think they’re pretty and I give them a great deal of respect on trail (a bite from one of ours out here on trail could end your ride pretty quick!).

Where to find me rocking Moxie Cycling: Oh you know… on my favorite trails. Jonathan Dickinson in Hobe Sound, San Felasco in Alachua and at my local trails Turkey Creek and Malabar Scrub. Occasionally I’ll join up with local MTB group rides on Thursday nights and this year I’m hoping to be rehabbed in time for some area charity rides and maybe an endurance event or two outside of town.

Next challenge: I intend to take a number of mountain bike mini-vacations to explore parts unknown. This past summer I hit new trails in Northern Wisconsin and found a real gem, Winman, that I can’t wait to get back to again this summer and really push myself on their berms and jumps! So far this year we’ve already hit Jonathan Dickinson in Hobe Sound, Graham Swamp in Flagler, Alafia over by Tampa and my old favorite San Felasco in Alachua (near Gainesville). My ankle rehab might keep me out of long events, but it won’t stop me from adventure 😉

Favorite style in the 2016 Spring line: I’m pretty geeked about the Colorblock Tee Jersey in the Contour Collection – I love the bold color combination of the blue and green. Add to that the Contour T-back Jersey. I’m also looking forward to adding some high-vis to my collection for winter night riding: T-Back (the model is too cute) and Colorblock Tee for cooler nights. That looks to be right up my alley!

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