Brooke’s Fall Update

BrookePhew!  Summer has a way of disappearing in a flash these days.  Moxie had an incredible spring and summer traveling to cycling, triathlons and running events throughout the country and visiting our valued authorized dealers.  Our early travels brought us to Wisconsin, Arizona, IL, and Utah and we enjoyed saying hello to familiar faces and making new friends.  At this point in the season, after what seems like months on the road, we pause and reflect on the growth of the business and want to express a sincere heartfelt thank you to all of our fans who believe as passionately about pursuing dynamic experiences as we do. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you.  Continue reading

Behind the Scenes

Now that the whole Moxie Team is back in the Twin Cities, we would like to share some fun pictures that we took while in Cache Valley in Northern Utah at the Little Red Riding Hood event last weekend. The turn out was great as well as the weather. We were very impressed with how welcoming and well-organized the biking community involved was; it was all about enjoying the ride at any skill level and we love that about this event. And were thrilled to know that one of the 25 original women cyclists was in attendance 25 years after the first Red Riding Hood! Yes, this event goes way back and has always been in support of women’s cycling. Pretty impressive.

Our booth just barely squeezed into the SUV we drove to the event. Little did we know it was damaged in transit and would be of no use. 😦

little red riding hood Cache Valley
little red riding hood expo

Our set-up sans booth! Still work out well since Mother Nature was kind to us!

Brooke got caught a little off guard by the strong sunshine, but the Cherry Icee’s from Sonic helped cool things down!

All in all it turned out to be a successful weekend with our only regret being that we hadn’t been able to participate. Next year we will have to be prepared because this event is rumored to have sold out their 3,600 spots in only a few short hours. Farewell Utah! We will be back!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie