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How To: Avoid Heat Stress While Cycling


When you’re out cycling in hot or muggy weather, it’s important to make sure that you’re body is well taken care of. Avoiding heat stress on your body is vitally important for your health on and off the bike. Here are some great ways to protect your body during hot summer riding: Continue reading

Girl Talk – How to prevent saddle sores


Girl Talk - How to prevent saddle sores


Ahem… if there are any gentlemen in the room, be warned  – we’re about to have some “girl talk” that might make you a bit uncomfortable.

Ladies, if you’re new to cycling or spinning, you may or may not have experienced a dreaded “saddle sore” yet. Heads up – there’s a pretty high chance you will at some point and they are not fun. It’s not anything you’re doing wrong or that you’re unclean, it’s an unfortunate nature of the beast. Honestly, how hygienic can strapping a sponge to your bottom while you sweat for x amount of time really be, right??

Below you’ll find a few tips for avoiding saddle sores, skin irritations, and other issues in your sensitive areas…  Continue reading

Brooke’s Fall Update

BrookePhew!  Summer has a way of disappearing in a flash these days.  Moxie had an incredible spring and summer traveling to cycling, triathlons and running events throughout the country and visiting our valued authorized dealers.  Our early travels brought us to Wisconsin, Arizona, IL, and Utah and we enjoyed saying hello to familiar faces and making new friends.  At this point in the season, after what seems like months on the road, we pause and reflect on the growth of the business and want to express a sincere heartfelt thank you to all of our fans who believe as passionately about pursuing dynamic experiences as we do. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you.  Continue reading