By Women, For Women

Moxie Cycling Company was born out of a need we identified in the marketplace. Since 2009, we have participated in RAGBRAI, the oldest and largest cycling touring event spanning 450 miles over seven days. In our inaugural year we learned (the hard way) that seemingly simple cycling apparel has been built for very specific reasons. The technical design is more complex than just a yoga tank top or even a comparable tri-top. Lesson learned; we set out to make an investment in performance-oriented, yet stylish cycling tank top jerseys. We found nothing – so we did what any determined woman would do – we took it upon ourselves to develop our own jersey.

Our prototype became the inspiration for what Moxie Cycling is today. It is our mission to evolve the world of women’s cycling apparel by placing a woman’s unique needs at the forefront of cycling apparel design. Moxie Cycling believes women should never have to sacrifice performance, comfort, or style.

That’s what we call “moxie.”