Jenny Paul | Austin, TX

While triathlon and bikes may be all I seem to talk about, the truth is I just love being outdoors! I have the most fun on two wheels, but when I can’t ride, you’ll find me hiking, camping, horseback riding, bow hunting, fishing, or just taking a walk with the dogs. Austin is sunny about 230 days a year, so I take advantage of that every chance I can!PrintNumber of years cycling: I began cycling when I got in to triathlon in 2013.

Proudest moment on or off the bike: My proudest moment on the bike was finishing my second century ride. My fiancé was also riding it as his first ever after only riding for a few months. I finished ahead of him, and had time to park my bike and meet him at the finish line to give him his medal- I was so proud of him! It’s always an honor when I see how my journey inspires others to also push their limits and see where they can go- especially other women!

Weirdest post-ride craving: Most commonly it’s for pizza, but after one long ride where I bonked pretty badly, I WOULD NOT be stopped until I had a chocolate covered doughnut. Thankfully, the grocery store is less than a mile from my house and has bike parking!

What is your spirit animal? Definitely a coyote- smart, resourceful, fast, and indestructible. (I’ve spent too much time thinking about this!)

Where to find me rocking Moxie Cycling:  You’ll find me rocking my Moxie all over Texas and across the country! I run with the Ladies Austin Running Association, ride with Ride Like a Girl through the Austin Ridge Riders, and swim at the Williamson County YMCA. I do both road and off-road triathlons, and this year hope to be in both Ogden, UT for XTERRA Nationals and Maui for XTERRA Worlds, and will be running for Moxie at the Grand Teton Half Marathon in Wyoming, riding for them through Big Bend National Park during the No Country for Old Men 383-mile ultra ride, and cruising from Austin to Shiner, TX for the Shiner GASP century ride. They are the only jerseys I wear when cycling- so much so my wedding dress had to be racerback to hide my Moxie tan lines!

Next challenge: Ironman Boulder in August 2016 will be my 2nd Ironman and I hope to complete it in 14:30 or under! To do that, I’ve got to keep my solid cycling and get busy improving my running. I also am doing my first XTERRA tri in April, so hoping to finish that on the podium and without injury, since my wedding is at the end of that month!

Favorite style in the 2016 Spring line: What a hard question! I really love the T-Back Jersey from the Rio Collection- such fun geometric patterns. The Sweetheart Jersey from the Hi-Vis Collection is another must since I commute to and from work by bike sometimes!

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