Melissa Hunter | Twin Cities, MN

I’m a newer cyclist who gravitates towards non-pavement rides.  I find peace when I’m in the woods or out and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I tend to be tenacious, driven, and maybe a little stubborn too.PrintNumber of years cycling: 3

Proudest moment on or off the bike: Since this is a cycling site, I’ll stick with a bike moment – my proudest time was when I finished my first 100 mile gravel ride in late 2014.  I had been biking consistently for just a year after two major foot surgeries.  I had ridden my first roadie century a few months prior but still decided it was a great idea to tackle something a little out of my league.  I finished 8.5 hours later, utterly exhausted and a little dazed, but the feeling of accomplishment and achievement was like none other.  I’ve since done longer, more difficult races but this one is special in my memory – it was the day that I realized that I really CAN do this whole cycling thing pretty dang well after all.

Weirdest post-ride craving: Potato chips and chocolate milk — together, and preferably eaten while soaking in the tub trying to thaw after a cold ride.

What is your spirit animal? I took a few online quizzes, and although I balked at this answer at first it was the result of multiple quizzes! Grey wolf:  You are a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching valuable lessons to whomever is around. Wolves are team players and work well in groups. Those with the Wolf spirit are fiercely loyal to those they love.

Where to find me rocking Moxie Cycling: Cycle classes @ LA Fitness and out and about south of the Twin Cities metro area.

Next challenge: I am ramping up mileage this spring for a May ultracycling event!  I’ve never biked more than 105 miles in one day so I think I may be in way over my head.  I’ve outlined a training plan but dang it’s hard to follow when “real life” gets in the way!

Favorite style in the 2016 Spring line: I can’t decide between the Contour collection T-Back Jersey or the Revolution collection T-back jersey!  I will likely order both!! The Moxie T-back style jersey is the first garment I’ve felt comfortable relying completely on the built-in bra – ever.

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