July Means BBQ Time, Baby!

Food & fitness for your consideration // July  means BBQ time baby!

Alright kids, who’s excited for the 4th of July? This Moxie lady!! Besides Christmas, which is an automatic winner in the Holiday game because of the family gathering aspect, the 4th of July takes a close second. Think about it: you get a day off to be low-key, hang out in the sun, wear some red-white-and-blue, and enjoy some fireworks just after the sun goes down. And since you have ALL DAY to enjoy yourself, I would recommend making your late afternoon barbeque a step above the rest with some Korean BBQ tacos and a refreshing Matcha Green Tea smoothie from Mrs. Regueiro’s Plate & Healthy Happy Life.

Korean Style BBQ Tacos

Adapted from the Cooking Light June 2012, these aren’t your traditional tacos nor your average BBQ. These are flavor packed with chili paste, lime zest, garlic, onion, and brown sugar all marinated on some flank steak. Throw on a grill and you get a good smoky flavor to mix in too. Click HERE for the full recipe!

And don’t forget the condiments… pickled cabbage and a lot of Siracha! (No, just me?)

And for dessert, a frosty delicious green treat:

Matcha Shake

This green treat gets it smooth, icey texture from a combination of cold watermelon, soy milk, matcha powder, and frozen banana. You can even add chia seeds for a nice nutritious kick! [you know we love chia] Get the lowdown HERE.

Have any brag-worthy 4th of July recipes you’d like to share? We’ve got a week until cookin’ time!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie 



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