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Food & fitness for your consideration// The new superfood? Chia seeds go from ceramic miracle-grow hair to Amazon warrior staple

Truroots Organic Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds, like Will Smith, will forever be associated with it’s original jingle, “Cha-cha-cha CHIA!” and “Now this is a story all about how…” respectively. But despite the humble beginnings, both have grown up into something pretty spectacular.

Will is now one of the top-grossing actors of our time and chia seeds are now being hailed an ancient superfood. Intrigued by this sudden rise to stardom, I bought myself a package of truRoots Organic Chia Seeds for a little under $10 at my local natural foods store and tested it out myself. According to the package, these tiny chia seeds absorb and expand when mixed with liquid, giving them a unique texture comparable to the beads in tapioca or caviar. I added a tablespoon of seeds to a few ounces of almond milk and ten minutes later I had myself a savory snack.

Quick facts:

  • When added to other foods they make you feel fuller with less because they contain soluble fiber
  • Regulates conversion of carbs into sugar, resulting in greater endurance
  • Mayan’s named the seed ‘chia’, Mayan for ‘strength,’ because their running messengers carries a small pouch with them for sustained energy
  • Also high in iron, protein, anti-oxidants and calcium
  •  Contains enough essential fatty acids to replace your fish oil supplement
  • Helps you retain hydration longer since they absorb 9-12 times their weight in water

Surprisingly absent of much flavor, these little seeds are a great vehicle for creamy or sweet liquids. One of my favorite ways to have chia seeds currently is for breakfast. See a yummy recipe below by food blog @ Home with Gina C [click for full recipe]

All of these benefits are great on a daily basis, but if you’re an endurance rider, these may appeal to you especially. Lasting energy and hydration packed into a small seed that expands when added to water; it’s the perfect mid-ride nosh that is light and easy. Come summer I plan on packing my own 2 tablespoons of seeds with me on the long, early rides.

Give Chia a try, let us know what you think! It is truly a win-win situation; if you don’t like them you can always sprout some on a ceramic for a lovely home accent!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

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  1. “Chia seeds have been in Whole Foods for a long time, but they’re just now starting to grow in popularity,” said Drew Rosen, nutrition and cooking teacher at New York City’s Whole Foods Market Tribeca. “It’s an ancient crop, but because the seeds are so flexible and high in omega threes, they are just blossoming all over the markets in all different types of products.” –

    Our personal web page

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