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What we love this week // Is your helmet Plain Jane or City Chic?

Because it was absolutely beautiful last night, the Moxie crew decided to innovate and take our meeting from the traditional café to an on-the-go 15 mile ride circling Uptown and Hopkins. Despite the bike path being busier than normal because of the weather, the ride felt really good. Alex however, one of the Moxie men, had to suffer through 5 miles on flat tires before we realized and were able to revive his tires to primo pressure. But besides that hiccup, it was all smooth sailing and we even stopped for a drink at Burger Jones to top it off. Yum!

I did catch some flak for not having a helmet; yes, yes – I know that not having proper safety equipment is the opposite of smart, but my trusty bike helmet from last summer was borrowed, and since returned. Which leads to our weekly product spotlight. Whilst looking around for something affordable, effective, and easy on the eyes, I came across these lovely creations by YAKKAY.

It seems to be a combination of Flipside Hats and helmets! I was highly intrigued. But alas, the company is based in Denmark. You can still scout out your very own though via other retailers who carry the line, such as Heritage Bicycles which has a lot of other fabulous bike accessories as well. Or ADELINE ADELINE which has a lot of great variety as well.

If you like to shop online, then large bodies of water suddenly are obstacles no more! Where do you like to shop online? Or are you a local bike shop gal?

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie