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3 Keys to Pre-Workout Eats

by Susan Lacke from Fit Bottomed Girls

What you eat before heading out the door to ride can make or break your workout. Starting a workout on an empty stomach can mean an express trip to Bonkville; eating too much can cause a mid-ride visit to –ahem – fertilize your neighbor’s rose garden.

So what’s a girl to do? Believe it or not, planning a pre-workout meal and snack isn’t as hard as many people would think. There are three key elements to consider when preparing sustenance before a sweat session:

moxie cycling women's jerseys jersey cycle biking bike ladies woman female stylish tank tee racerback RAGBRAI moxie1) Calories

If you have a time to eat a proper meal or snack before your workout, eat at least two hours beforehand, to allow your body to break down the food. In this meal, shoot for 400-600 calories.

Even if you’re pressed for time – say, you wake up minutes before an early-morning run – try to eat 100 to 200 calories (a gel packet, for example, or a few dates) with a healthy gulp of water 15-30 minutes before heading out the door, to top off your reserves.


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