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Introducing Guest Blogger: Morgan Luzier

Ladies with Moxie, 

Just because it’s (brutally cold) winter in most of the country, our bikes (and bodies) don’t need to gather dust for the next several months.  We’ve teamed up with a female cyclist extraordinaire and friend from Minneapolis, MN – one of the coldest cities in the winter… yet a nationally praised top cycling city – to kick off the New Year with guidance on becoming a smarter, stronger cyclist.  We have a whole series planned for you centered on what you’ve told us you want to know more about.  Ladies of Moxie, meet Morgan.

I’m personally excited by the expert advice Morgan brings to the table and look forward to becoming a smarter, stronger cyclist myself!

Enjoy the ride,
Co-Founder, Moxie Cycling Co.

About Morgan

“She is dedicated to building a fitness and wellness empire that supports her belief in community, personal responsibility, aesthetic beauty, and environmental stewardship. As a personal trainer, Morgan is intuitive. She knows just what to give her clients on any given day: a listening ear, an old-fashioned ass-kicking, a refined training strategy, and everything in between. As an athlete, Morgan is an accomplished cyclist, runner, swimmer, and she fancies herself an accomplished skier…someday.”

Morgan’s “qualifications” go far above and beyond – Master’s degree in Holistic Health; 15 years as a personal trainer and coach; 10 years as a competitive road cyclist; Founder of Balance Fitness Studio and Balance Cycling Club in Minneapolis; Year round commuter and all around bicycle fanatic.

Have a topic you’d like to read about from Morgan’s perspective? Leave a comment below or ping us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with #MoxieMorgan