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Morgan: My bike story?

My bike story? It’s really a love story. First for a man. Then for a machine. And now for myself.
In the beginning, I was a born-and-bred runner. I found the garish colors, spandex “diapers” and alien helmets of cyclists unflattering. Who needed a  bike when you had legs to propel you? Man up and run, I thought.
But all those years of running and miles of pounding were taking a toll on my joints: An aching knee, a nagging pain in my hip, a body too thin. I was on a path to destruction and I’ve little doubt that my pride and fierce determination would have pushed me to the breaking point had it not been for the cyclist who pedaled into my life.
I lived on the 3rd floor. He on the 1st floor. He was alright, I guess. Cute. Not a serial killer, far as I could tell by his gentle eyes. He wasn’t a runner but he was fit from all that bike riding. Nice legs (even if they were hairless). When he asked me on a ride, I accepted, with reservation. I didn’t know it then but that ride would change my life for ever and for better.
Fifteen years, six bikes and tens of thousands of miles later, cycling has become a central part of my life, business and identity. At its surface, the bike is a great path to fitness, but I’ve learned to pay attention to cycling as metaphor for so many of life’s challenges and victories.  My bike, She is my teacher. My on-the-bike lessons have made me a more worthy, compassionate, wise and honest off-the-bike human being.
With that in mind, Moxie riders, thanks for allowing me to crash your party.

Now, let’s learn a thing or two about cycling. Stuff a female cyclist ought to know: How to be a better rider, how stuff works, tips for looking pro and not feeling like an a-hole at the bike shop… Equally as important, let’s learn how to pay attention to our bike story… How our love for that triangle piece of steel, aluminum or carbon with two wheels and some pedals can literally empower us to love… a person, the planet… even ourselves.- Morgan

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Introducing Guest Blogger: Morgan Luzier

Ladies with Moxie, 

Just because it’s (brutally cold) winter in most of the country, our bikes (and bodies) don’t need to gather dust for the next several months.  We’ve teamed up with a female cyclist extraordinaire and friend from Minneapolis, MN – one of the coldest cities in the winter… yet a nationally praised top cycling city – to kick off the New Year with guidance on becoming a smarter, stronger cyclist.  We have a whole series planned for you centered on what you’ve told us you want to know more about.  Ladies of Moxie, meet Morgan.

I’m personally excited by the expert advice Morgan brings to the table and look forward to becoming a smarter, stronger cyclist myself!

Enjoy the ride,
Co-Founder, Moxie Cycling Co.

About Morgan

“She is dedicated to building a fitness and wellness empire that supports her belief in community, personal responsibility, aesthetic beauty, and environmental stewardship. As a personal trainer, Morgan is intuitive. She knows just what to give her clients on any given day: a listening ear, an old-fashioned ass-kicking, a refined training strategy, and everything in between. As an athlete, Morgan is an accomplished cyclist, runner, swimmer, and she fancies herself an accomplished skier…someday.”

Morgan’s “qualifications” go far above and beyond – Master’s degree in Holistic Health; 15 years as a personal trainer and coach; 10 years as a competitive road cyclist; Founder of Balance Fitness Studio and Balance Cycling Club in Minneapolis; Year round commuter and all around bicycle fanatic.

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Why We Designed It: Adjustable Cycle Skirt

Every woman has a few pairs of black bike shorts in her closet and it took her some time to find the right fit… the right chamois, the right inseam, the right fit around the thigh, the right fit around the waist to avoid the dreaded muffin top… There simply is no such thing as a one size fits all short. Continue reading

What and When to Eat for the Perfect Recovery

by Caitlin Boyle from Healthy Tipping Point

Marni Sumbai is a five-time Ironman triathlete, a vegetarian and a registered dietitian with a Master of Science in exercise physiology. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about fueling endurance workouts.

Many athletes focus on the physical aspect of their workout, but Marni believes that the eating part is just as important. While it’s hard to make blanket statements about what everyone should eat after a hard ride, there are some basic concepts that apply to all athletes.  Continue reading

Knowing When to Push and When to Restrain

by Arleigh Jenkins from Bike Shop Girl

Moxie Cycling is partnering with chic women cyclists to bring you tips, stories and healthy recipes via our blog. Arleigh Jenkins, founder of the website Bike Shop Girl, has more than twelve years of bike industry experience, is currently a pro level bike mechanic living in Denver, CO and has shared her best advice on how to approach training when you are looking ahead to a new race season.

 July is a month of excitement in the bicycle world: The Tour de France is streaming multiple times a day, summer hours may be letting you get outside more and maybe you have kids that are out for the summer and can go on bike adventures. When you are training year-round, this is also a time of year that you may be taking a rest period to gear up for the race-heavy months of August and September.

arleig bike moxie cycling biking women's jersey jerseys

 For me, July is one of planning for the future; July 1st is historically the start of cyclocross training for races that start in late September. I’m starting to switch over to my slow-and-steady training efforts, which means putting the brakes on most of the high-intensity efforts that I have been doing for mountain bike racing.

Continue reading

Mental Preparation for Intense Training and Rides

by Arleigh Jenkins of Bike Shop Girl

The difference between a great athlete and a good athlete is mental attitude.

Cycling for me is an addiction, a healthy addiction, but still an addiction. Once I put myself in a consistent training regimen and have races or key events plotted on the calendar, I become hyper-focused and dedicated. Dedicated to well-rounded workouts, and even the dedication to take a day off the bike when my body needs it. The most important part of this dedication and consistency to training is 100% my personal thoughts and focus.

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Your Mind is a Surprising Muscle

Your thoughts can fail you, or they can give you that extra kick over a long hill. It can shut down long before your legs, and make you question your training or quit right before you start seeing success. Continue reading

Roundup: Stocking Stuffers for Cycling Bookworms

What we love this week // Stuff the Stocking of the Bicycling Bookworm in your Life

Hooray for snow! We have finally gotten over a foot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota and although it limits the cycling industry to the very few and admirable, I’m happy we will have a semi-White Christmas. This is the Midwest after all! And after a full summer season, I finally have a reason to stay indoors and catch up on the books that have been making my ‘To Read’ list embarrassingly long. I have managed to cross a few off in the last few months and if you or a reader on your Christmas list is in need of a read, these would make excellent stocking stuffers.
Continue reading

Roundup: Gift ideas for your “cycling-crazed” friends

What we love this week // Just what your cycling-crazed friends are pining for this year

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving & have fully recovered from the turkey coma! The beautiful day we were given in the Midwest on Thanksgiving made the day extra enjoyable, I even got in a bike ride! It was great to get the pedals pumping again, but the bitter cold set in for good it seems and I’ve turned my attention to tree decorating and decking the halls.

Continue reading