Recruiting an Event Crew

After breaking my ankle and having two ankle surgeries several years ago, I was able to learn the role as spectator for several of my hubby’s races that year.  It also allowed me to be able to watch him complete his first Ironman. I will IM Wisconsinnever forget that day. The picture to the right is what I wore that day.  It is actually super fun being a spectator, too!

As an athlete, it is great to have spectators out on the course.  If you are having a tough day, it helps so much know that your spectator(s) will be up ahead to cheer you on.  If you are having a great day, you get to share that experience with them!

Location, location, location…

After you have signed up for an event, you will want to think about your event crew/spectators.  How close is this event to Continue reading