Post Ride Recovery – Recover like a Pro

As I write this I’m getting caught up on today’s stage of le Tour de France, eating a sweet potato topped with pumpkin chili, and drinking coconut water. It was a HOT and humid ride this morning, and I’m certainly beat from the heat on this 36+ mile ride. I’m currently on a cyclocross bike that forces me work harder in order to keep up with my riders on their carbon fiber road bikes, and I was riding with some strong people on a route with a lot of rollers. It’s time for recovery!

This post discusses recovery for work efforts of a moderate to hard intensity – think working in a heart rate zone over 70% heart rate maximum (HRM); if you’re new to cycling or are on a multi-day tour with long miles each day think over 60% HRM.


Cool down:

As I mentioned, I’m watching the Tour. If you’re into one of the best and most challenging sports rollersevents in the world and are watching, too, you’ve probably noticed the cyclists spinning on their bikes during interviews post-race. It doesn’t take a lot of time to spin out those legs and cool it down – 10 to 15 minutes of easy spinning, either on a trainer at home or slowing it down and taking an easy pace as you approach the end of your ride, is enough to take the edge off those legs, lower the heart rate, Continue reading

Recover Right

As a competitive athlete – and an injury-prone one – I am a big recovery tool aficionado. There’s a plethora of products available on the market, from high-tech tools such as recovery boots to traditional household remedies such as epsom salt.

The importance of rest and recovery

Whether you are training or just riding a lot, we all put our bodies through often increasings amount of stress. To reap the benefits of training or to keep healthy and fit, it is essential to pay equal attention to rest and recovery. With a myriad of tools available to improve our recovery time, here’s a selection of my favorites to make your body recover.

Compress it – Foam roller

rollerProbably the tool everyone has a deep love-hate relationship with. While I love stretching out my back on a regular foam roll, I came to love the TriggerPoint Cold Roller. Especially after long rides in the heat of summer, the cooling effect of the roller eases the discomfort of rolling and eases pain and inflammation in your muscles through the power of ice and compression. This video gives a great overview of the Cold Roller. Continue reading

Lets Get Rolling!

foam rolling love to hate youFoam rolling, or self-myofascial release, should be an essential component to every athlete’s training routine. Most of us are not fortunate to be able to afford or have the time to get daily massages, that is why a foam roller is so important! Foam rolling is a self-massage technique that can help to prevent injury, increase circulation, aid with flexibility, and help to restore optimal muscle function.

I must forewarn you…you will probably develop a love/hate relationship with foam rolling as it HURTS!! Although this pain should not be “real pain” rather it should Continue reading

Caffeine…Good or Bad?

My love for bikes and caffeine are one in the same; I don’t think I could live without either. I’ll be brutally honest, I am a caffeine junkie! One of my favorite quotes is “I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it.”


Cycling and coffee always seem to go hand in hand. Photo: paulscho/flickr

Can caffeine benefit cycling performance?

Yes! Yes, it can. There have been numerous studies that show Continue reading

Slow Down to Speed Up: The Importance of Rest and Recovery

I tend to learn things the hard way — often I need to live through the same life lessons a few times before they stick.  Persistence and tenacity have helped me progress quickly in terms of cycling skills, but they can also get in the way of forward progress.  This blog post is equal parts a cautionary tale AND a reminder to myself of how important rest and recovery can be.

Usually I’m motoring along, training and racing per “the schedule” and it isn’t until an event or ride goes horrifically wrong that I notice that something is off.  It usually starts sneakily – I go on my routine group ride that is normally quite doable and I get dropped … and then it happens again.  I begin dreading rides, but tell myself that I’m “just being lazy”.  After a few weeks of this comes a some sign I can’t ignore — Continue reading

What’s Better Than Water?

by Helen Easterly representing Moxie Cycling in Georgia, USA

Helen's BikeWe’re in the middle of summer here in Georgia and, like most places that means it’s hot.  It also means that I find myself sweating more and needing more than just water in my bottles when I’m riding.  A sweaty Helen means more electrolytes lost and it’s important that I replace them.  Sports drinks are a must have this time of year!  Continue reading

Recover Like A Champ

by Susan Lacke from Fit Bottomed Girls

moxie cycling recovery racing biking cycle women's jersey jerseys fashion moxie cycling co

Everyone loves a post-ride meal – it’s a time to indulge in your cravings, whether it’s a giant plate of pancakes or a platter of enchiladas from the Mexican joint down the street. When that meal is followed by a nap, it’s even better!

But could this recovery routine today be hurting your training next week? It’s possible. Though a post-workout routine can (and should!) be a celebration of what you’ve completed, it also sets the tone for what’s ahead. Recover like a champ with these tips:

Continue reading