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What we love this week // Our booth partner at tomorrow’s Nature Valley Expo in Uptown has some major Moxie!

Team Moxie is getting anxious for the event tomorrow night in Minneapolis’ Uptown, the Nature Valley Criterium. In an .88 kilometer course that races around 6 tight corners, you can see some intense racing that goes from low speeds to high speeds in seconds. Elite riders from across the country, as well as some Olympic hopefuls, will whiz by only a few feet away from the audience so your job is to clap, cheer and be a rowdy and supportive crowd!

We will be present, just not at the front of the crowd – we will be sharing a booth with our expo partner Chicked, another amazing Minneapolis-based athletic company with major Moxie.

moxie cycling shares a booth with chicked

CHICKED: -verb. 
The act of getting passed by a
stronger woman athlete.

CHICK: -noun. 
The woman who just passed you.

We love that Chicked is all about supporting women in the sports industry, professional or casually, and they aren’t afraid to call out when women excel in an event. Moxie agrees that often the competitive nature that is so prominent in a sport can sometimes cause new athletes to shy away, but with Chicked, it’s embraced and encouraged in a positive way. Women who excel are given recognition, giving inspiration to fellow athletes to excel as well. And I almost forgot, they have some great clothing!

Here is the original Chicked t-shirt; created especially for when you pass that group of guys on the trail on you bike or with your trail-runners on. And because we both are all for more girl-power, we teamed up and created a custom Moxie design together which you can find at!

How cool is this? Moxie & Chicked created this custom jersey just for you

If you’d like to see more, tomorrow night would be the perfect time to stop by and say hello to both of us! Directions to the event:

The race is at the intersection of Hennepin Ave. & Lake St.

  • From I 94:
  • Take the Hennepin Ave South
  • Turn left (East) on W 28th St.
  • Turn right (South) on Fremont Ave S
  • Turn right (West) on Lagoon Ave
  • Park in the ramp at the intersection of Lagoon and Girard, on your right, between Lagoon Theater and Uptown Tavern

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

Stealthy & Healthy

Food & fitness for your consideration // Door County cherry crop will be limited this season… Savor accordingly!

Happy Monday! It was a hot weekend in the Twin Cities – and luckily I was able to escape to ‘the Florida of the midwest’ AKA Door County. Although the drive was long for a two-day weekend, the weather was perfect on the lake and we were able to spend all day outside Saturday and Sunday.

Brooke and Deb were the real troopers last weekend though and completed the MS 150, riding to raise money for MS research as I mentioned in our last post. Way to go Team Moxie! Next up, Friday evening we will be part of the Nature Valley Expo in Uptown, in support of the Nature Valley Grand Prix series. We will be sharing a booth with another awesome local company, Chicked, which I will be featuring on the blog mid-week. If you get a chance, the event is a lot of fun to watch; the competitive riders do time trials 0n the closed off streets of Hennepin and Lake, near Calhoun Square, which is a busy and popular part of the city:

Moxie’s booth will be open from 4:30 to 9PM, during the races which start with women’s at 6:15PM. There will be a stunt show to get things started around 5PM. It’s a great way to start your weekend!

And a great way to start your week is with this delicious treat: The Cherry Crumble recipe from Cooking in Sens.

Especially if the tart cherries are fresh from Door County, Wisconsin’s cherryland. Being there last weekend, I began dreaming of late summer when the cherries are ripe and warm from the sun and delicious when picked straight from the branches. Unfortunately, since our winter this year was abnormally warm and March had a heat wave, the cherry crop is expected to fall well short of the normal production because of the frosts that occurred after blooms began earlier than normal. So if you get the chance to enjoy some fresh-picked cherries this year, use them wisely!

Since cherries won’t be ready until later, I made due with stopping at my favorite local pie shoppe, Bea’s Ho-Made Products. I picked up some Raspberry Topping, for vanilla ice cream or angel food cake desserts, and some Cherry Sauce, for pork chops or savory salmon. Absolutely delicious. But Bea’s is most widely known for fresh cherry pies and a wide array of jams and jellies.

Did you know that tart cherry juice helps you sleep better? The juice contains a high amount of melatonin which helps induce sleepiness at night and wards off insomnia. And it tastes better than warm milk, in my opinion. What is your trick to getting a good nights rest? Counting sheep or soothing ocean waves?  Please share with us!

Have a great week! And…

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

Moxie Trends

What we love this week // A little bird told us about a great, stylish headband – a Twete Bird in fact! 

As much as we love to re-enact those Herbal Essences commercials in the shower whilst lathering our long tresses, long hair can be rather inconvenient. (Alex, a Team Moxie man, can relate) Especially when we are at Cross Fit doing upside down push-ups or the wind is at our back on a long ride, we would really love it if the mane could just withhold it’s blowing-in-the-wind act and get out of our faces. Which is where Twete Bird and their fabulous headbands come in.

After being fellow Little Red Riding Hood attendees, we fell in love with how these cute headbands keep your hair at bay when you need it to be. As Twete Bird says:

From polka dots to florals, safari prints to French couture we have a headband in colors and prints to match every lifestyle.  Slip one on and spread your wings. No-care hair is just a headband away with Birde Bands.  It’s time to take back your life.

Deb picked up a couple styles of her own and she loves that these have a grippy velvet underside and an adjustable elastic band to really ensure that these headbands stay put, unlike the brands you can find at the convenience stores.

The headbands come in a wide variety of styles; thick or thin strap and many different colors are available. You could easily wear one of these to the office, to the after school event, and then to the gym. You can purchase them online at their website: or in local Utah retailers. They provide a unique way to fundraise as well if you are tired of the cookie dough buckets and popcorn tins, giving 40% of the sale back to your group! If you want to see more of Twete Bird, they also have a blog here.

Our personal favorite is the Houndstooth style: just a perfect and subtle match to our France Ave. jersey.

In other upcoming news, MS 150 is this weekend! We will be taking part in the two-day ride from Duluth to the Twin Cities in support of the National MS Society. The ride is a total of 150 miles and we can’t wait to get out there and ride after having to be in the audience last weekend! Will you be there? What are your riding plans for this weekend? In any event…

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie