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Why We Designed It: Adjustable Cycle Skirt

Every woman has a few pairs of black bike shorts in her closet and it took her some time to find the right fit… the right chamois, the right inseam, the right fit around the thigh, the right fit around the waist to avoid the dreaded muffin top… There simply is no such thing as a one size fits all short. Continue reading

Knowing When to Push and When to Restrain

by Arleigh Jenkins from Bike Shop Girl

Moxie Cycling is partnering with chic women cyclists to bring you tips, stories and healthy recipes via our blog. Arleigh Jenkins, founder of the website Bike Shop Girl, has more than twelve years of bike industry experience, is currently a pro level bike mechanic living in Denver, CO and has shared her best advice on how to approach training when you are looking ahead to a new race season.

 July is a month of excitement in the bicycle world: The Tour de France is streaming multiple times a day, summer hours may be letting you get outside more and maybe you have kids that are out for the summer and can go on bike adventures. When you are training year-round, this is also a time of year that you may be taking a rest period to gear up for the race-heavy months of August and September.

arleig bike moxie cycling biking women's jersey jerseys

 For me, July is one of planning for the future; July 1st is historically the start of cyclocross training for races that start in late September. I’m starting to switch over to my slow-and-steady training efforts, which means putting the brakes on most of the high-intensity efforts that I have been doing for mountain bike racing.

Continue reading

Moxie Women – Diane Stoller

November Moxie Mogul:

moxie cycling, women's cycling, ironman, cycling, cycling jersey

Diane Stoller 

Full-time breast cancer surgeon, mother of 3 children, and a 53-year-old Iron Man triathlon finisher

Moxie Cycling was first introduced to Diane when a mutual friend photographed Diane crossing the Iron Man finish line in her France Ave Moxie jersey and knew that we would be honored to hear she chose our jersey. We of course are honored and were excited to hear more of her story on the path to the 2012 Madison, WI Ironman in our Moxie Mogul interview:

Moxie Cycling – How did you first find yourself becoming involved in triathlons?

Diane Stoller I started running at 42 when my then 48-year-old husband had a heart attack. I thought to myself, we need to be healthier.  I weighed 60 pounds more when I started with no weight loss goals, just sweat 4 hours a week and eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day.  I let myself eat only ONE bad thing (a cookie, M&M’s, etc) per day.  I began following what the cardiologists told my husband to do.  Truth be told, he never did any of it but after 4 years I was down 50 pounds and running my first marathon.

Moxie Cycling What other events led you to participate in Iron Man? Continue reading

Stealthy & Healthy

Food & fitness for your consideration // Happy Earth Day! Paleo-what?

If you aren’t a Pinterest addict yet, you may have missed the pin we did yesterday for Earth Day – Click the image below to go to The Lovely Dept. blog for a free wallpaper download of the ‘Love your mother’ piece below! And if you’re on Pinterest, follow our pin boards to keep the Moxie coming.

We hope you had a fabulous weekend and were able to get the chance to celebrate Earth day outside and maybe even on a bike ride. We are busy planning and getting excited for our Barn Brunch ride and hope that if you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area you can make it out to join us for a ride and food on May 12th.  But since it’s Monday, we are going to kick off the week with a Stealthy & Healthy. There’s been frequent talk about the Paleo, or Caveman, diet lately and I was interested to know more. Deb, one of our founders, has been structuring her meals around some of the ideas, so that sparked a conversation, what is it and what are the benefits?

The Paleo diet/lifestyle, goes back in time about 10,000 years to examine what we, as human beings, were eating to sustain ourselves before the modern agriculture advances we are used to today. First made popular in the 1970’s by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin, it is based on the idea that our genetics, unlike technology, have not changed much over time and we are not fully adapted to contemporary foods, leading us to poor nutrition and disease. The theory suggests our optimal diet is that of our ancestors; mainly lean meats, fish, eggs and fresh produce, absolutely no processed foods, dairy, and grains while limiting nuts and fatty oils.

After looking into several sources, there seems to be a varied response to the diet plan by nutritionists. Most of the dispute is over the evolutionary claims that support the diet. For example, since agriculture and raising farm animals began, we have adapted to have the ability to consume milk products after our infancy stages. Also, basing a diet around what our ancestors consumed does not provide a clear menu; hunter and gatherers’ diets are varied across areas of the world which makes guidelines for Paleo varied and unclear.

In result, there are many degrees you could implent Paleo into your life. The website Paleo Diet Lifestyle gives 15 tips, including eating lots of fatty animal meat, while Caveman Diet suggests only lean meats. Strict Paleo dieters have cut out salt and all caffeine. However you see the guidelines, it’s clear that the diet has gained popularity recently and personally I think there are some definite benefits. I can’t say the entire lifestyle is what’s best for everyone, but it’s main motto of cutting back on the processed foods is something everyone AND our environment could benefit from. Reducing our carbon footprint by eating locally [Farmer’s Market season!!] and choosing fresh, organic over processed and packaged is a great way to ‘LOVE YOUR MOTHER.’

Have you adapted a Paleo lifestyle or have you heard success stories of is it just another diet to sell cookbooks? Tell us what you think!

Here are a couple recipes for sampling if you’d like to test it out yourself!

Breakfast seems to be the easiest adjustment since eggs and bacon are common staples. Here is a yummy example from My Little Celebration

Paleo spinach, onion, and homemade salsa with flax omlette and cinnamon apple slices

Lunch and dinner get a little bit harder when you have to cut out all grains and dairy, but here is a great recipe from The Cavewoman Cafe along with a very informational post:

Primal Vegetable Strata

And just for those visual learners out there, heres an interesting info-graphic about the Paleo Diet.

Paleolithic Diet Explained
 Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

Stealthy & Healthy

Food & fitness for your consideration // We’ve heard the rumors… but here’s more evidence that chocolate should be part of your diet

At first I thought it may have just been selective hearing when people started to talk about the benefits of chocolate, but study after study has shown that the cocoa beans used to make chocolate are beneficial to your health in multiple ways. Today it was released that a government-funded study found in a group of 1,000 study participants, those who ate chocolate on a more frequent basis [about 5 times a week] weighed less than those who ate it less frequently. See the study in more detail here.

The compounds that make up cocoa – alkaloids, theobromines and antioxidant flavonoids – are responsible for the healhty benefits. I won’t go into the minute details, since I know you just want to confirm that this is not some sort of early April fools joke, but here are a few of the reasons that have been backed up:

As a healthy spring resolution I think I’ll commit to eating chocolate on a strict regiment of 3-5 times per week, making sure it is at least 60% pure cocoa or more, to make myself happier and healthier. And I’m starting with making these Cranberry and Pistachio Dark Chocolate bars [click picture for full recipe from], which even increases the nutritional value. These will be an excellent afternoon pick-me up in place of any diet soda or latte.

Got a good recipe that is delish AND beneficial? Let us know!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie

P.S. Are you or a fellow cyclist looking for custom jersey’s this season? Moxie is now offering low-minimum custom jersey designs, e-mail or for more information! We are taking orders submitted before May 30th –  don’t miss the chance to look feminine and still have all the important details in your jersey.

Stealthy & Healthy

Food & fitness for your consideration // Greek yogurt?? What’s behind the latest dairy craze

First it was yogurt in a squeezable tube, then yogurts as smoothies, now the latest yogurt craze is all Greek. So what’s the difference? Is is Greek healthier than the others? I decided to do a little investigating before the next grocery trip so as to really get the facts.

What makes Greek yogurt different is the straining process during creation. It is strained more extensively than regular yogurt giving it a thicker consistency, more protein, and less sugar. Regular yogurt has more whey and sugar, giving it a higher fat content than plain Greek yogurt.

The taste also takes an interesting turn and can be more on the tangy side, which makes it a great substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in recipes if you are trying to keep your protein intake high and fat intake low.

The only downfall is Greek yogurt doesen’t provide as much calcium as regular. So the bottom line is, Greek has more protein, less sugar, and less fat for about the same calories as regular yogurt, but if you are in need of calcium, you might want to keep with the standard style yogurt.

Personally, I love the thicker, creamier version of the yogurt… and the protein can make an afternoon snack more substantial. But I have also seen plain Greek yogurt used successfully in place of mayo in deviled eggs, which are one of my favorite treats at family gatherings. Click the picture below to see the healthier version, maybe for the first spring BBQ?

Smoky Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt

Stealthy & Healthy

Food & fitness for your consideration// Veggie season!

Now that warmer weather is right around the corner, if not right outside your window, it’s time to start welcoming back the lighter, greener fares and bid adieu to the hearty winter feasts. Yes, we will always love you pot roast and cheesy potato casserole, but the cycling spandex is calling my name. This doesn’t mean switching to just raw spinach and carrots, but incorporating more veggies into meals is one of the easiest ways to make sure you are getting all of the needed nutrients while keeping your plate full.

Here are 3 easy ways to unexpectedly add more veggies and still feel satisfied:

1 – Kale Chips

Picture & recipe from blogger "J'adore your more!"

If your junk food weakness is salty & crunchy chips or fries, kale chips are truly the closest healthy substitute. Easy to make, and impossible to stop eating, one cup of kale gives you  36 calories, 5 grams of fiber, 15% of the daily requirement of calcium, 40% of magnesium, 180% of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C, and 1,020% of vitamin K . Just call it queen of the greens.

Click on the picture above for a basic garlic and lemon yogurt recipe. My personal preference for seasoning is a garlic sea salt mix to really quench my salty craving, but you can experiment with a variety of flavorings such as cajun BBQ, chili lime, or parmesean.  I honestly didn’t have my hopes up when I tried these for the first time, but once baked, kale is surprisingly crispy and addicting.

2 – Roasted Chickpeas

Click for full recipe on Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Now for all you sweet lovers: this one is filling and sweet at the same time. Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are usually a flavorless addition to your chef salad or bean soup, but in this recipe they become a sweet grab-and-go snack food. Full of protein and fiber, adding a little bit of cinnamon sugar gives you a healthy and low-cal substitute for that candybar.

Again, the fun thing about these recipes is that you can incorporate your own flavors too. Maybe some cocoa powder and a dash of chile floats your boat?

3 – Brussel sprouts

Click for recipe from Sarah's Cucina Bella

And last but not least, if you really want to fill up on your greens, these are hearty little bites that won’t leave you feeling half-full like salads can. The reason I love brussel sprouts so much is because you don’t have to give up warm and filling for raw veggies. Roast these in halves with some olive oil and seasoning and they can easily stand as a meal themselves. Or if you don’t want to go 100% veggies, click the picture for a recipe that pairs them with feta, bacon, and roasted red papers. Yum!

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie 

We are LIVE!

Greetings Cyclist!

Welcome to Moxie’s brand new, hot off the press blog! We felt it appropriate for our first post to take a peek behind the scenes at what we have been up to recently, but new features will be coming throughout the week and getting you excited to be back on two wheels this spring.

Brooke and Deb, our founders, created Moxie Cycling Co. last summer after recognizing that there was a definite need for jerseys made for specifically for women, [read our story.] If you have ever ridden long distances in any average cycling jersey, I’m sure you agree that there is room for improvement. Since the official debut of the jerseys last summer at Ragbrie and the launch of the website in November, Moxie has continued to grow in the right direction and we are looking forward to a fresh season of cycling.

This year we will be in more states than ever, hopefully meeting you in person, and participating in as many bike expos and cycling events as our calendar’s allow. In preparation for our first full-fledged season we have been finalizing what truly defines Moxie Cycling Co. down to the minute details, and last week we tackled creating what defines ‘moxie’ in a sentence. This, my fellow cyclists, was not an easy task.

We really believe the definition of ‘moxie’ is personally defined with each individual, but hoped we could find something that we all associated with. We began with the easy definitions, using words such as: courage, determination, and strength but realized we didn’t want to go down the Inspirational Poster path.

We tossed around synonyms of: adventuresome, prowess, and charisma, but was advised by our team member Alex that we needed a word more “janglin’” So after several hours of wordplay, and discovesring that Deb has an unusual affinity for the words “plethora” and “loquacious,” we still had not become enlightened.

The next day we finally arrived at a consensus after taking the night to sleep on it, and so was born

mox·ie \mŏk’sē\ n:a daring embodiment of sass and perseverance

A little bit of feminine boldness mixed with an athlete’s mindset is really what we were going for and think we did quite well! You will soon be able to find this freshly coined definition on your new Moxie Jersey’s hang tag.

What do you think?  Tell us below what ‘moxie’ means in your eyes or how you encompass it into your life – we would love to hear your thoughts.

All in all, let’s just be thankful that these taglines were promptly disqualified:

  • “an embodiment of grace and passion” Too ballerina
  • “an embodiment of spirit and perseverance” Too “127 hours”
  • “maybe.. embodiment of ‘hard-technical-word’ and ‘softer-descriptive-word’” our attempt at using visualization for inspiration

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie