Best Water Bottle for You

I am not sure that someone can be considered a water bottle expert exactly.  But if they can, I am pretty sure I have a Ph.D. in water bottles.  My husband calls my collection excessive; I call it thorough.  You need different water bottles for different things even in cycling.  Let’s talk about when you need what.

When you are riding short

You just need some20160804_095248thing that fits inside your water bottle cage on your bike.  Unfortunately, water bottles and water bottle cages are not universal, so you will need to find one that fits yours.  But don’t feel like the more expensive the better.  Honestly the water bottles you get in race goody bags generally work great for this.  You may want to up the ante and get an insulated water bottle if you live in a hot climate or like your drink ice cold like I do.  Look for an easy open spout that you can open with your mouth.

When you are riding long Continue reading

Staying Cool and Hydrated when Moving to Antarctica is Not an Option

It’s summer and boy, oh boy, is it hot outside! While there are many reasons to feel blessed to live in the beautiful place that I do, heat indexes well over 110 degrees and humidity regularly over 50% (and commonly over 80%) are two reasons to develop a healthy respect for Austin, Texas summers.

For those that do not live in the South and Southwest, here’s a fun little taste of my weather forecast this week:

What does looking at this forecast do for me besides inform my complaining about the weather and cause my alarm clock to ring earlier? It lets me know it’s time to take precautions that will allow me to train and race in these conditions while staying cool and hydrated!

If you live in a hot area, or will travel to one for a race, there are a few key factors to keep in mind: Hydration, clothing choices, timing, and self-care! Continue reading