Real Food: Homemade Energy Bars!

Over the years, making homemade energy bars  has always interested me.  Reading the labels on commercially produced energy bars has been a major motivator.  What is soy protein isolate? Or mixed tocopherols? Or palm kernel solids? Generally, if I can’t purchase something at the grocery store I don’t want to want to eat it.  Thus, the search was on for a homemade energy bar recipe.

My first attempt, a couple years ago, was a black bean based energy bar. They were tasty (and won second place at the Iowa State Fair), but the texture was all wrong.  Fifteen miles in a jersey pocket and they were a gooey mess.

I did a whole lot of internet searching, trying to find recipes good enough to make and share. The recipes had to sound good (usually, that meant including chocolate), be made with ingredients easily available at Fareway and HyVee (my local grocery stores)and not have any prohibitively expensive ingredients. Also, they had to stand up to being carried in a jersey pocket during the Bike Iowa Renegade Gents Race 6.0 – a ~61 mile gravel race around Central Iowa.

Five recipes were tried, a few lessons were learned, and three recipes were deemed worth sharing.

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