cycling safety

On Safety, Speed and Style

adobe-sparkWhenever you’re riding a bike, you should be wearing a helmet. Whenever we ride outside, we are sharing the road with many other users and are confronted with uncontrollable factors such as weather, road conditions, etc. In bike racing, USA Cycling requires helmets that meet certain safety standards for all races. Luckily for us, today’s helmets are anything but dull: In addition to outstanding safety technology used, there are options that come for all formats, purposes, and styles.

One of the most recent safety features in helmets is Continue reading

Bike Commuting Etiquette

Bike commuting isn’t scary when you follow a basic bike etiquette and remember that we are all human and we are all in this together – cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.

Here are my top 10 on how to do commuting right

1. Pay attention – and don’t assume everyone else is following the rules!
I’m a triathlete and bike racer, but I certainly don’t set any Strava records when I commute to work. As a cyclist, you’re more vulnerable than drivers, so I like to pay extra attention to how traffic around me moves. When approaching an intersection, I try to read the cars’ behaviors much more than purely relying on them doing “their job”.

2. Pass on the left, with an audible verbal warning and at a safe distance.
This is one is probably not as universal, but I really appreciate it when people alert me when they pass. In the end, they don’t know what I’m up to, if I’m about to Continue reading