Part 2 – the Handlebar Bag

Ladies love their purses – well, I certainly do. And while riding bikes might have limited your style statement in the past, those times are long gone. Join me on a journey of fabulous options that will turn your commute to work, your coffee ride, or your touring in an adventure where form meets function!

Part 2 of the series introduces you to an alternative that I discovered relatively late in the game: The Handlebar/Cockpit Bag. Read Part 1 on the Trunk Bag, Bent Basket and Pannier Set here!

Detours DayPass Handlebar Bag

Detours DayPassI am surprised that it took me so long to think about handlebar bags. They are the easiest feature to keep your phone, wallet or camera accessible while riding – plus some of them, like the Detours DayPass, transform into mini-purses that are not only cute (a purse design with radishes??? Yes!) but super practical. In addition to their secure buckle straps for the handlebar, the DayPass comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can carry the purse around when you’re done riding – it definitely has become my perfect companion for a coffee date with friends! It also comes with reflective details for more safety on your way back home.

Banjo Brothers Canvas Barrel Bag Continue reading

Part 1 – the Rear Rack

Ladies love their purses – well, I certainly do. And while riding bikes might have limited your style statement in the past, those times are long gone. Join me on a journey of fabulous options that will turn your commute to work, your coffee ride, or your touring in an adventure where form meets function!

Part one of this series on all things transportation is rear rack options.

Business Casual: PoCampo Uptown Trunk Bag

Uptown Trunk Bag
is probably one of my favorite brands when it comes to Continue reading

Bike Commuting Etiquette

Bike commuting isn’t scary when you follow a basic bike etiquette and remember that we are all human and we are all in this together – cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.

Here are my top 10 on how to do commuting right

1. Pay attention – and don’t assume everyone else is following the rules!
I’m a triathlete and bike racer, but I certainly don’t set any Strava records when I commute to work. As a cyclist, you’re more vulnerable than drivers, so I like to pay extra attention to how traffic around me moves. When approaching an intersection, I try to read the cars’ behaviors much more than purely relying on them doing “their job”.

2. Pass on the left, with an audible verbal warning and at a safe distance.
This is one is probably not as universal, but I really appreciate it when people alert me when they pass. In the end, they don’t know what I’m up to, if I’m about to Continue reading

Be Seen and Be Fashionable – High Vis

A quick online search of high visibility clothing presents images of construction workers and safety officers. The colors are typically some form of neon orange, yellow, & red with some highly reflective stripes. Since those bulky safety vests and jackets are not the most aerodynamic for cycling and running, designers have figured out ways to incorporate the high visibility fabrics into our athletic fashion.

What is high visibility clothing? High visibility clothing is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE.) It is any clothing worn that has highly reflective properties or a color that is easily discernible from any background. The reflective part of the clothing is Continue reading

Cycle Commuting: Looking Good When You Arrive

“But I’m going to arrive at work all sweaty and gross! I could never cycle commute!”

Over the years, I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not commuting by bike, but cycle commuting and looking good at work don’t have to be opposing goals. Over my years of commuting to work by bike, here are a few pointers, tips, and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

To Spandex or Not to Spandex?

bike jamie full roadThe first question is whether to fully kit up for your commute or just to ride in work clothes. This question is mostly dependent on Continue reading

Commuting and the City


Bike commuter in Chicago. Photo courtesy of The Chainlink.

As multiple studies have shown, bike commuting has many benefits: People who bike to work are richer, fitter, more successful, and, arguably, happier.

As a year-round bike commuter myself, author David Byrne’s comparison of riding in the city to “navigating the collective neural pathways of some vast global mind” resonates well with me (Bicycle Diaries). Cycling connects you to your self, your environment, and your city in quite a special way. And, while there is still a large gender gap between men and women biking to work, bike commuting is gaining popularity overall: From coast to coast, the number of people who traveled to work by bike increased roughly 60 percent over the last decade, with the median commuting time of roughly 20 minutes (US Census Bureau).

How Cities Encourage Cycling

How do cities react to this  rising number of people commuting to work on their hybrid bikes, fixies, or road racing machines? There are several approaches to Continue reading

How To Beat The “Winter Blues”

Beat the winter blues - naturally! Here are 3 tips from Moxie Cycling...

3 Tips to help you beat the winter blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder hits a lot of people hard this time of year… “In fact, some 15 million people (three-fourths of them women) suffer from a depressive condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can have symptoms like low energy, carb cravings, weight gain, and dwindling sex drive”… YIKES! 

Vitamin supplements are available over-the-counter for the winter blues, but if you can tackle it naturally – why not?! Here are 3 tips we recommend for boosting your mood and hopefully shaking away any SAD you may be experiencing – the natural way:  Continue reading

How to Commute During the Winter

Well ladies & gents, winter is upon us… *sigh* If you’re like me, now is when I begin asking myself each morning “It’s _ degrees out. Do I seriously want to ride into work today?” More often than not, the answer is yes. To put it simply, I love commuting. It’s free, I get a quick workout in the morning and evening, I don’t have to fight for a parking spot … the list can seriously go on and on. 

I’m pretty lucky in that I live and work in Minneapolis, one of the most bike friendly states in the U.S., and my commute is not only short, but pretty safe traffic-wise. The downside? It gets cold here. Real cold. Figuring out how to prepare for fall and winter commuting takes time. And, in my experience, it takes a days of being way overdressed plus a few days of being way underdressed to work out the kinks.  Continue reading