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3 Essential Items for Feeling Fresh at Work

xtracycle jamie chorney chenxing sideI’m a committed cycle commuter. I’ve done several years of both a 10- and 2-mile-each-way commute and have loved (almost) every day of it. For more of my tips on cycle commuting, see Cycle Commuting: Looking Good When You Arrive from the Moxie blog in March

But, let’s be honest – as much as I love cycling and working, the two pursuits oppose each other a bit when it comes to feeling fresh at work. So, here are my top 3 must-have items to take to the office when you’re commuting by bike: Continue reading

How To Beat The “Winter Blues”

Beat the winter blues - naturally! Here are 3 tips from Moxie Cycling...

3 Tips to help you beat the winter blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder hits a lot of people hard this time of year… “In fact, some 15 million people (three-fourths of them women) suffer from a depressive condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can have symptoms like low energy, carb cravings, weight gain, and dwindling sex drive”… YIKES! 

Vitamin supplements are available over-the-counter for the winter blues, but if you can tackle it naturally – why not?! Here are 3 tips we recommend for boosting your mood and hopefully shaking away any SAD you may be experiencing – the natural way:  Continue reading

How to Commute During the Winter

Well ladies & gents, winter is upon us… *sigh* If you’re like me, now is when I begin asking myself each morning “It’s _ degrees out. Do I seriously want to ride into work today?” More often than not, the answer is yes. To put it simply, I love commuting. It’s free, I get a quick workout in the morning and evening, I don’t have to fight for a parking spot … the list can seriously go on and on. 

I’m pretty lucky in that I live and work in Minneapolis, one of the most bike friendly states in the U.S., and my commute is not only short, but pretty safe traffic-wise. The downside? It gets cold here. Real cold. Figuring out how to prepare for fall and winter commuting takes time. And, in my experience, it takes a days of being way overdressed plus a few days of being way underdressed to work out the kinks.  Continue reading