We are LIVE!

Greetings Cyclist!

Welcome to Moxie’s brand new, hot off the press blog! We felt it appropriate for our first post to take a peek behind the scenes at what we have been up to recently, but new features will be coming throughout the week and getting you excited to be back on two wheels this spring.

Brooke and Deb, our founders, created Moxie Cycling Co. last summer after recognizing that there was a definite need for jerseys made for specifically for women, [read our story.] If you have ever ridden long distances in any average cycling jersey, I’m sure you agree that there is room for improvement. Since the official debut of the jerseys last summer at Ragbrie and the launch of the website in November, Moxie has continued to grow in the right direction and we are looking forward to a fresh season of cycling.

This year we will be in more states than ever, hopefully meeting you in person, and participating in as many bike expos and cycling events as our calendar’s allow. In preparation for our first full-fledged season we have been finalizing what truly defines Moxie Cycling Co. down to the minute details, and last week we tackled creating what defines ‘moxie’ in a sentence. This, my fellow cyclists, was not an easy task.

We really believe the definition of ‘moxie’ is personally defined with each individual, but hoped we could find something that we all associated with. We began with the easy definitions, using words such as: courage, determination, and strength but realized we didn’t want to go down the Inspirational Poster path.

We tossed around synonyms of: adventuresome, prowess, and charisma, but was advised by our team member Alex that we needed a word more “janglin’” So after several hours of wordplay, and discovesring that Deb has an unusual affinity for the words “plethora” and “loquacious,” we still had not become enlightened.

The next day we finally arrived at a consensus after taking the night to sleep on it, and so was born

mox·ie \mŏk’sē\ n:a daring embodiment of sass and perseverance

A little bit of feminine boldness mixed with an athlete’s mindset is really what we were going for and think we did quite well! You will soon be able to find this freshly coined definition on your new Moxie Jersey’s hang tag.

What do you think?  Tell us below what ‘moxie’ means in your eyes or how you encompass it into your life – we would love to hear your thoughts.

All in all, let’s just be thankful that these taglines were promptly disqualified:

  • “an embodiment of grace and passion” Too ballerina
  • “an embodiment of spirit and perseverance” Too “127 hours”
  • “maybe.. embodiment of ‘hard-technical-word’ and ‘softer-descriptive-word’” our attempt at using visualization for inspiration

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie