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Camping Gear for Bike Touring


Two of my favorite things – biking and camping.  To be able to take off on a weekend and do both is the best of both worlds!  Riding down a tree-covered trail by day and sleeping under the stars listening to the symphony of night.

I started collecting ultralight camping gear to allow me to stuff my kayak and overnight on a gravel bar.  After I had all the light-weight camping gear, the next logical step for me was to buy a backpack.  I am now an avid backpacker and regularly carry all I need for a weekend in a 65 liter backpack that normally weighs 35-40 lbs packed.  Next step…..let’s try to get all that gear I carry in a backpack and see if I can manage to get it on my trail bike so I can do an overnight ride on the Katy Trail.

I have two choices for sleeping.  If I will be on a trail where I know I can find trees, I will Continue reading