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Lets Get Rolling!

foam rolling love to hate youFoam rolling, or self-myofascial release, should be an essential component to every athlete’s training routine. Most of us are not fortunate to be able to afford or have the time to get daily massages, that is why a foam roller is so important! Foam rolling is a self-massage technique that can help to prevent injury, increase circulation, aid with flexibility, and help to restore optimal muscle function.

I must forewarn you…you will probably develop a love/hate relationship with foam rolling as it HURTS!! Although this pain should not be “real pain” rather it should Continue reading

7 Fitness Blogs That Inspire (Me)!

As a big fan of fitness and health, I’ve got a great list of blogs that I turn to for motivation, inspiration and advice. It depends on my mood to which blog I turn to but they all have one thing in common—they keep me coming back for more. Grab your coffee and check out my recommendations. Happy blogging!


Try Mom Tri
A must-read blog about triathlons, training, life and how to balance it all when you are a mom. Leslie started blogging right after her son was born three years ago and now with another little one only a few months old, she writes about her life, family and training. I have a lot of respect for her honest blogging and her love for triathlons. You will feel motivated and full of “I can do this!” when reading.

Best way to sum up Leslie’s blog is how she signed off her last entry: “So, just try your best Mamas. With your friends. With your kiddos. With your family members. With your partners.  And most importantly, try your best for yourself and whatever makes you the wonderful YOU that you are.”

Blank modern computer monitor isolated on white background with

Slowly Tri-ing
Blogger Michael considers herself an average girl from the Midwest and the world’s slowest triathlete.She writes about her triathlon life and fitness from her perspective of being “average” Continue reading

Benefits Of Working Out

As we all start to get busy, it is important to remember the awesome benefits to working out.  When we remember why it is important to workout, we are more likely to do our best to fit it in our schedule.  Here a just a few of the many benefits of working out…

Health Benefits – Exercise Can:

Caffeine…Good or Bad?

My love for bikes and caffeine are one in the same; I don’t think I could live without either. I’ll be brutally honest, I am a caffeine junkie! One of my favorite quotes is “I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it.”


Cycling and coffee always seem to go hand in hand. Photo: paulscho/flickr

Can caffeine benefit cycling performance?

Yes! Yes, it can. There have been numerous studies that show Continue reading

Plant Power for Athletes

Those that know me know I am most definitely not a vegetarian, much less a vegan. I am an avid hunter and take a lot of pride in harvesting, cleaning, and processing my own meat- it’s organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free, and all the other “clean” buzzwords out there!

However, we are all different, and in the world of endurance sports, diet is just as much of a training factor as the miles you put in. While I prefer to get protein from venison, turkey, and fish, many have experienced incredible gains by adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. Although that is not a choice everyone will want to make, I was curious to learn more from someone who has, so I contacted my friend Lauren.

Lauren racing Jack’s Generic Tri, 2015

Lauren is an amazing triathlete who races with T3 in my hometown of Austin, TX. She and I met in 2015 while we were both training for Ironman Texas, a first full distance Ironman for both of us. She completed her race almost 2 full hours faster than me, and has been steadily kicking my butt ever since, so I thought it wise to seek out Continue reading

Slow Down to Speed Up: The Importance of Rest and Recovery

I tend to learn things the hard way — often I need to live through the same life lessons a few times before they stick.  Persistence and tenacity have helped me progress quickly in terms of cycling skills, but they can also get in the way of forward progress.  This blog post is equal parts a cautionary tale AND a reminder to myself of how important rest and recovery can be.

Usually I’m motoring along, training and racing per “the schedule” and it isn’t until an event or ride goes horrifically wrong that I notice that something is off.  It usually starts sneakily – I go on my routine group ride that is normally quite doable and I get dropped … and then it happens again.  I begin dreading rides, but tell myself that I’m “just being lazy”.  After a few weeks of this comes a some sign I can’t ignore — Continue reading

Planning For Success With A Hectic Schedule

As we have always been told, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”  I believe that there is a lot of truth in that quote.  Planning ahead is such an important part of success with a hectic schedule.

I am training for Cornbelt 24 Hour Run, Mankato Marathon, and several other running races and triathlons for this season.  My husband is training for Ironman Kentucky.  We both work full time, and both have a 30+ minute commute into work.  Planning ahead is Continue reading

Riding Might NOT Be Enough

Cycling is an activity that many pick up as a child. “It’s just like riding a bike,” is a phrase used to indicate that once you know how to do it, you don’t forget. For most people, cycling is child’s play, the bike that took you around the neighborhood is left in the garage, and the JOY of the wind on your face is left in childhood. But, “since it’s just like riding a bike,” (um, duh, it is riding a bike) it can be picked up again at just about any age. For me, I came back to the bike after knee injuries prevented me from running. At first, it felt like I’d been cheated and that it was “second choice.” As time has passed, I now find myself more in love with the bike than I ever was with the run….and I fear losing my ability to ride!kids-bike-sizes-10309606-1024x683

“Ride today so that you can ride tomorrow,” has become my mantra. I live in Minnesota, where riding year round isn’t really possible, so, to stay conditioned through the l-o-n-g, dark winter I ride at our local athletic club. But, riding might not be enough. Continue reading

Winter Gravel Riding: A “How To”

If read my previous post about winter gravel riding, you probably thought — great, good for this crazy lady.  She gets out and rides her bike in questionable weather on sketchy surfaces, but I would NEVER.  Well, maybe I can convince you otherwise.  Here’s a quick list of things to consider should you want to venture out on gravel, snow covered or otherwise —


Find a bike.

You’d be surprised at what types of bikes you can ride on gravel. Commuters with wider tires, your mountain bike, a cyclocross bike, maybe even Continue reading

Gravel Grinding: Will Bike for Donuts

Last winter during the cold dark depths of January I was itching for a long ride outdoors. On that particular Saturday morning, I woke up feeling more introverted than usual and also a tad pessimistic about the weather and my ability to successfully power a bicycle.  I said to heck with it, I was going to go ride my bike anyway, cold weather and crankiness be damned.  When I get in that sort of mood it’s usually better for everyone involved if I keep to myself!

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t REALLY in the mood for biking, but those are the days that I tend to need my bike the most. I convinced myself that I had to get dressed, get on the bike, and roll out the door.  I gave myself permission to turn around wherever I wanted; however, if I made it through the whole route I would be rewarded with a pit stop at my favorite donut shop! Continue reading