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A Basic Guide to Bike Computers

If you are thinking about buying a bike computer, here are some things to help you decide how to choose one that will meet your needs.

Why Should I Get a Bike Computer?

The main reason to get a bike computer is so you can view data from your bike rides. By tracking your speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, etc, you can improve your riding performance and bring yourself to the next level of fitness. Or you may just want to know how far you have ridden or how fast you are going. Once you figure out why you want a bike computer, it will help with the selection process. Start by asking yourself:

  • What kind of data/information do you want?
  • How will you use this information?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What other functionality is important to you?

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7 Fitness Blogs That Inspire (Me)!

As a big fan of fitness and health, I’ve got a great list of blogs that I turn to for motivation, inspiration and advice. It depends on my mood to which blog I turn to but they all have one thing in common—they keep me coming back for more. Grab your coffee and check out my recommendations. Happy blogging!


Try Mom Tri
A must-read blog about triathlons, training, life and how to balance it all when you are a mom. Leslie started blogging right after her son was born three years ago and now with another little one only a few months old, she writes about her life, family and training. I have a lot of respect for her honest blogging and her love for triathlons. You will feel motivated and full of “I can do this!” when reading.

Best way to sum up Leslie’s blog is how she signed off her last entry: “So, just try your best Mamas. With your friends. With your kiddos. With your family members. With your partners.  And most importantly, try your best for yourself and whatever makes you the wonderful YOU that you are.”

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Slowly Tri-ing
Blogger Michael considers herself an average girl from the Midwest and the world’s slowest triathlete.She writes about her triathlon life and fitness from her perspective of being “average” Continue reading

Turn Your Workouts into a Family and Friends Event


Let’s face it. You love your workouts. You got into your sport thinking you were just running a 5K, just biking on the weekends or just training for your first triathlon. It didn’t take long, but now you’re hooked. Congratulations on your healthy and active lifestyle.

Whether you are following a training plan, taking a particular class or just mixing it up, workouts take up a good chunk of time. With any kind of commitment, you have to figure how to fit it all in. So what do you do when you are feeling that push and pull between training, family, and friends? Continue reading