Author: Jess Rundlett

Wade Franck Memorial Bicycle Ride

There are bad days on bicycles. Bad days like when the wind is in your face, the sun is just too hot, or you bonk real hard. And then there are really bad days on bicycles. Those are the days where you leave for your bike ride and have no idea that by the time you return, your world will look completely different than it did when you put on your jersey, pumped up your tires and rolled out of the driveway.

I had one of those days on August 16, 2015. My boyfriend, Wade Franck, and I were scheduled to compete in the Urban Assault Ride – a bicycle scavenger hunt – that day. He picked me up at my house, loaded my bike on his car, and we joined many friends and acquaintances at the starting line in Downtown Des Moines. Here we are at the start of the race:


Jess and Wade

We raced through the course, completing obstacles and having a great morning together. It was a really good day – right up until it wasn’t. About half way into the race, we were Continue reading

Just “Du” It & “Tri”: Esprit De She

On May 22, three Moxie Cycling Ambassadors competed in the Esprit De She Duathlon/Triathlon in Lakeville, Minnesota.  The three all brought different perspectives:

Melissa Hunter: The Endurance Racer

Jess Rundlett: The Social Cyclist

Chris Schmit: The Comeback Kid

These are their stories:

Melissa Hunter: The Endurance Racer

Last weekend I rode in two events that, for me, couldn’t have been much different from each other despite their similarities in paper. Both involved Continue reading

Real Food: Homemade Energy Bars!

Over the years, making homemade energy bars  has always interested me.  Reading the labels on commercially produced energy bars has been a major motivator.  What is soy protein isolate? Or mixed tocopherols? Or palm kernel solids? Generally, if I can’t purchase something at the grocery store I don’t want to want to eat it.  Thus, the search was on for a homemade energy bar recipe.

My first attempt, a couple years ago, was a black bean based energy bar. They were tasty (and won second place at the Iowa State Fair), but the texture was all wrong.  Fifteen miles in a jersey pocket and they were a gooey mess.

I did a whole lot of internet searching, trying to find recipes good enough to make and share. The recipes had to sound good (usually, that meant including chocolate), be made with ingredients easily available at Fareway and HyVee (my local grocery stores)and not have any prohibitively expensive ingredients. Also, they had to stand up to being carried in a jersey pocket during the Bike Iowa Renegade Gents Race 6.0 – a ~61 mile gravel race around Central Iowa.

Five recipes were tried, a few lessons were learned, and three recipes were deemed worth sharing.

Apricot & Cashew Energy Bars Continue reading

Top Ten Cycling Gear Items

This summer marks a decade since I first participated in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) – the largest bicycle touring event in the world.  Since then, I have learned a lot about bicycle gear – what’s helpful, what’s not, and some things I never would have even imagined would be useful. Moxie gear is my go-to for cycling clothing because their jerseys are highly functional with feminine styling.  But, in addition to great clothes, you need some great gear for successful bike rides. Some of my favorites are:

#1: Bright Rechargeable LightsIMG_1673

When I got my first grown-up bicycle, I found myself on longer rides and lingering at Tacopocalypse Tuesday at the Cumming Tap well past sunset.  Lights were necessary for a safe trip home.  I started out with battery-powered lights.  After a few years with those and lots of used up AA batteries, it was time for an upgrade.  I went in to my local bike shop, Kyle’s Bikes, and announced I wanted “a headlight brighter than two matches.”  They set me up with an Cygolite Expilion 850 head light and a Thunderbolt tail light.  Both are rechargeable and have served me well on many night rides!

#2: Helmet

All bike helmets are created equal, right? Wrong! Continue reading

#UnlearnPavement: Super Cooper Grinds Gravel, Too


Central Iowan Sarah Cooper, known to some as “Super Cooper”, is well known in the ultra-cycling community.  Three times she has competed in the Bike Sebring 24 Hour Race, held at the historic 12 Hours of Sebring Race track in Sebring, Florida.  In 2014, her first time at the Sebring 24, she rode 433.8 miles.  In 2015, she rode 460 miles there.  In February 2016, she smashed her own Sebring 24 record.  Cooper rode an incredible 479.4 miles in Continue reading