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My 9-year-old Moxie Gal

A few weeks ago, my 9-year-old daughter, Sasha, and I completed our first tandem century together. It was a big goal. I’ve done a bunch of solo century rides, but bringing a wee one along for 6 or 7 hours of riding, not to mention pulling her and a 40-pound tandem bike over 100 miles… well… I wasn’t sure we were up for the challenge!

goldilocks-sasha-jamie-marcia-lakeBut we are firm believers in the power of the possible. So on a cold and rainy Saturday morning, Sasha and I woke before dawn, donned our matching Young Miss Collection Moxie jerseys and jackets, piled on lots of layers, and hit the road!

What follows is Sasha’s retelling of our epic adventure.

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Riding for a Purpose

I love to ride. Up or down, all-in or cruise, solo or or group riding or going out for ice cream with my family – I love it all. But my very favorite thing about cycling is the opportunity I have to make a difference in another person’s life with every ride.

Three years ago, I joined Team Cycle4Cure. We’re a local group of like-minded local cyclists who are passionate about riding in general, but we especially love to ride for a purpose. We enjoy riding long distances in order to raise funds to fight debilitating and life-threatening diseases. We know many people who suffer with cancer, multiple Continue reading

3 Essential Items for Feeling Fresh at Work

xtracycle jamie chorney chenxing sideI’m a committed cycle commuter. I’ve done several years of both a 10- and 2-mile-each-way commute and have loved (almost) every day of it. For more of my tips on cycle commuting, see Cycle Commuting: Looking Good When You Arrive from the Moxie blog in March

But, let’s be honest – as much as I love cycling and working, the two pursuits oppose each other a bit when it comes to feeling fresh at work. So, here are my top 3 must-have items to take to the office when you’re commuting by bike: Continue reading

Riding in Tandem

Last season, my husband Steve and I embarked on a new adventure in cycling – riding in tandem.

When I divulge that we ride a tandem bike, inevitably I get one of two reactions:

  1. (from people who have never ridden tandem) Oh! I’ve always wanted to try riding a tandem with my spouse/kid/significant other!
  2. (from people who have ridden tandem or are close to those who have) Oh! A divorce machine!

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The Pros and Cons of Large Events

I love large cycling events – the energy of hundreds or thousands of cyclists lining up to start, the satisfaction of breaking a PR, the challenge of eating my entry fee’s worth of Oreos, I love it all! Well… almost all…

Let’s be honest – everything has its pros and cons, and here’s my list of the ups and downs of large cycling events:

Pro: Pre-planned accountability

huntsman 140 end jamie horizThis one is huge for me. Every spring I sign up for 5-10 cycling events and it keeps me accountable to training and ramping up to be ready for my summer schedule. Could I plan a full cycling calendar on my own? Sure. But the reality is Continue reading

Cycle Commuting: Looking Good When You Arrive

“But I’m going to arrive at work all sweaty and gross! I could never cycle commute!”

Over the years, I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not commuting by bike, but cycle commuting and looking good at work don’t have to be opposing goals. Over my years of commuting to work by bike, here are a few pointers, tips, and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

To Spandex or Not to Spandex?

bike jamie full roadThe first question is whether to fully kit up for your commute or just to ride in work clothes. This question is mostly dependent on Continue reading