Author: Heather Kick-Abrahamson

About Heather Kick-Abrahamson

I am a Personal Trainer, Endurance Coach, and Metabolic Technician at Life Time Fitness in Chanhassen, MN. I have completed 29 marathons, 29 ultramarathons, 20+ triathlons, including Ironman Chattanooga 2015. I am currently training for Cornbelt 24 Hour Run.

Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothies and Protein Shakes can be a great post-workout or mid-day snack, or even a meal replacement.  If you buy them pre-made at the store, or at a restaurant, smoothie2you will want to check the nutrition information, as many are high in sugar.  There are so many recipes that you can make quick at home that are delicious.  If you don’t want to use a blender, sometimes you can get away with simply using a shaker bottle, depending on what you put into it.

You can add fruits and vegetables, good fats, protein, supplements, and many other options.  Not only can we get in more fruits and vegtables, we can also add good fats, protein and fiber, which will help our digestive system as well as keep us full longer.


Benefits Of Working Out

As we all start to get busy, it is important to remember the awesome benefits to working out.  When we remember why it is important to workout, we are more likely to do our best to fit it in our schedule.  Here a just a few of the many benefits of working out…

Health Benefits – Exercise Can:

Recruiting an Event Crew

After breaking my ankle and having two ankle surgeries several years ago, I was able to learn the role as spectator for several of my hubby’s races that year.  It also allowed me to be able to watch him complete his first Ironman. I will IM Wisconsinnever forget that day. The picture to the right is what I wore that day.  It is actually super fun being a spectator, too!

As an athlete, it is great to have spectators out on the course.  If you are having a tough day, it helps so much know that your spectator(s) will be up ahead to cheer you on.  If you are having a great day, you get to share that experience with them!

Location, location, location…

After you have signed up for an event, you will want to think about your event crew/spectators.  How close is this event to Continue reading

What Are We Going To Eat?

What should I eat?  A lot of that depends on the person.  My husband and I both started by having our (RMA) Resting Metabolic Assessment done.  It showed us how many calories we burn at rest, as well as the % of carbs and fat that we burn at rest.  We both found out that we needed to eat more calories and more fat.  We did ours at Lab Corp through Life Time Fitness.  If you don’t have a Life Time Fitness near you, it might also be possible to do one at a local university.

My husband and I are also mostly gluten-free.  We both did the Food Sensitivity Testing to find out what we were sensitive to.  After years have having major issues with Continue reading

Planning For Success With A Hectic Schedule

As we have always been told, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”  I believe that there is a lot of truth in that quote.  Planning ahead is such an important part of success with a hectic schedule.

I am training for Cornbelt 24 Hour Run, Mankato Marathon, and several other running races and triathlons for this season.  My husband is training for Ironman Kentucky.  We both work full time, and both have a 30+ minute commute into work.  Planning ahead is Continue reading