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Watch Your Backside

Tushie. Bottom. Bum. Bootie. A$$. Butt. Glutes. Rear. Fanny. Rump. Behind. Posterior. Derriere. Seat. Saying these words out loud brings back memories of butt, fart, and underwear jokes as a child. For some reason, butts are still funny.

No matter which word you choose, cycling can sometimes be a literal pain in the ass. As a spin instructor, the number one complaint during and after a first class is about pain related to the saddle of the bike…either due to pressure in the perineal region or due to chafing related to the clothing chosen to cycle in. I honestly believe that most of our bodies adapt to pressure pain—we simply get used to the fit and feel of the saddle. Having had 5 bikes in my adult life and riding on dozens of studio cycle saddles, I can tell you that most of them are about the same. And, if one doesn’t feel or fit quite right, it can probably be adjusted (height, forward/aft, or angle/tilt) to be more comfortable. For saddle fit suggestions, check this out:  REI saddle suggestions here.

For those who stick around cycling long enough to develop tolerance for the saddle, a different type of pain, related to skin breakdown, becomes more of a concern. Continue reading

HIIT IT! High Intensity Interval Training on the Bike

Fitness trends come and go.  What you did yesterday or a year ago may be proven ineffective tomorrow.   High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a hot trend right now and you’ll find gyms and fitness centers/studios hopping on the bandwagon trying to benefit, financially, from this trend. However, those of you who have been involved in cycling, swimming, or running recognize that this “trend” has been around for many years and has a variety of names and variety of methods.

I distinctly remember the summer of 1982 with my swim coach, Bud Higgins, sitting on the deck of the pool, smoking a cigarette, wearing one brown sock and one black sock, asking us to do “Fartleks.” When you’re in 7th grade, a crusty old man asking for “fartleks” is just too funny! He had a group of teenagers laughing hysterically and was soon frustrated by our lack of maturity.   However, we weren’t laughing for long Continue reading

Riding Might NOT Be Enough

Cycling is an activity that many pick up as a child. “It’s just like riding a bike,” is a phrase used to indicate that once you know how to do it, you don’t forget. For most people, cycling is child’s play, the bike that took you around the neighborhood is left in the garage, and the JOY of the wind on your face is left in childhood. But, “since it’s just like riding a bike,” (um, duh, it is riding a bike) it can be picked up again at just about any age. For me, I came back to the bike after knee injuries prevented me from running. At first, it felt like I’d been cheated and that it was “second choice.” As time has passed, I now find myself more in love with the bike than I ever was with the run….and I fear losing my ability to ride!kids-bike-sizes-10309606-1024x683

“Ride today so that you can ride tomorrow,” has become my mantra. I live in Minnesota, where riding year round isn’t really possible, so, to stay conditioned through the l-o-n-g, dark winter I ride at our local athletic club. But, riding might not be enough. Continue reading