Reps-HelenI am originally from: Mountain View, California

My favorite riding food is: Pasta, Pasta, PASTA! 

I am a Moxie rep because: Moxie is the first clothing company that, in my opinion, is doing it right:  it’s geared towards the everyday female cyclist and is designed and run by women.

My personal definition of Moxie: A brand by women for women that gets what the female cyclist needs.

Moment I realized I am stronger than I thought: When I did my first century (with little training) with my best friend by my side the whole time!

Something you might not expect about me: I tell it like it is. *hair flip*

Words to live by:  “May you live everyday of your life.” -Jonathan Swift

My favorite 2013 Moxie Jersey: Cyclodelic!  (that was REALLY hard to decide, btw)

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