Reps-AndreaFrom: Long Beach, CA

My favorite saying is: Beauty is not in the guidebook and adventure is not on the map … here’s to the journey!

I am a Moxie rep because: I believe in a life of balance that has a big focus on being outdoors and connecting with people in a healthy way.  I love people, I like travel and I want to be a part of events that empower women to live better quality lives.  I also value high quality performance wear that works well:  Moxie provided all that and more!

My personal definition of Moxie: Strong, Fun & Stylin’

The top of my bucket list includes: Become a lead singer in a kick ass band,  spending some time cycling around Europe  and I’d like to learn more about designing apparel.

Something you might not expect about me:  I was a backup singer in a reggae band for three years – Jah!

Craziest thing I’ve ever done: I climbed the Grand Teton in WY at 13, 770 feet in the middle of a lightning storm…  I can guarantee that will never happen again!

My favorite place I’ve traveled to: Is New Zealand! But, a winter season spent deep in the heart of Yellowstone National Park is also up there on the list.

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