Part 3 – The Seatbag

Ladies love their purses – well, I certainly do. And while riding bikes might have limited your style statement in the past, those times are long gone. Join me on a journey of fabulous options that will turn your commute to work, your coffee ride, or your touring in an adventure where form meets function!

After focusing on rear rack options in Part 1 and the handlebar and cockpit bag in Part 2, it’s time to see which seatbags can help you ride prepared for all scenarios. Seatbags are usually designed to hold the bare necessities – spare tube, tire levers, and maybe a CO2 cartridge. More often than not, I have had trouble with a) fitting everything in and b) having the seat pack stay attached to my bike on bumpy roads. A lot of companies started introducing clip mounts in addition or replacement of the traditional strap closures. While I love the reliability of the clips, there is one drawback: the clip mounts won’t fit all saddle positions. So while the mechanism is more secure than the usual straps, make sure the clip mount actually fits your seat rails.

Here are some options I had great riding experiences with:

The Arundel Tubi – To the Trails!

Arundel TubiThe Arundel Bicycle Company Tubi is on the larger side of seat bags, and is specifically designed for tubular or “sew-up” tires – it is also quite handy for mountain biking as it provides ample space to fit thicker tubes. It also has a zippered side pocket to stash some money, I.D. or keys. Despite its size, it stacks pretty well under the seat and doesn’t rub on the shorts, which I have witnessed with bigger seat bags before. The Tubi attaches to the seat rails with a single strap in the middle of the bag. It is protected with a genuine leather tab on the back so the seatpost won’t wear through the bag. With a bright pink lining, the black Cordura bag also looks quite stylish.

Lezyne Dry Caddy – Weather or Not

The Lezyne Dry CaddyWeather Or Not!
The Lezyne Dry Caddy seems to be the perfect companion for a ride that takes you through the worst of weathers – and it even has space for your phone if you end up in a torrential downpour without a waterproof phone bag (My dry caddy is size Medium and holds my fairly huge Nexus 5s). While the dry caddy does not have a hook for a bike light, it does feature a reflective stripe on the bag so cars can spot you.

Scicon Hipo Fluo – A touch of Color

Scicon FluoI absolutely love the Scicon Hipo 550 Fluo RL 2.1 saddle bag! Not only does the orange flu color match my road bike perfectly, it is also spacious and – most importantly – secure, which is a rare combination in seat bags. It is mounted on a patented Roller 2.1 system that you can screw to the saddle rails without any tools. It is easy to attach and it is also super easy to switch between bikes, which I do all the time. The 2.1. system clamp keeps it perfectly in place even on bumpy roads, on which I have lost quite a few saddle bags. The best thing about the bag though is that two tire levers are cleverly built into the bag – so you don’t only save space inside the bag, you also don’t ever forget to pack your levers! With 550CC of volume, the bag allows you to carry a spare tube, some CO2 and a small patch kit. It also includes a small hook for a blinky light. The Hipo strikes me as well thought-through product overall.

Topeak – Aero Wedge

NEVER LOSTThe Topeak Aero Wedge, despite being labeled Medium, offers a pretty large amount of space for all things you might need for a longer trip on the bike including multiple tubes and CO2 Cartridges, tire levers and more. It also features a rear light mount for that extra visibility early in the mornings or late at night. The wonderful thing is that the Aero Wedge is expandable, which means you can adjust the size of the bag once you’re switching from long training rides to racing – which is a pretty big plus especially when weight really matters. 


Jasmin is a Moxie Cycling Ambassador and blog contributor. Check out her bio here!

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Up to a random day in January 2014, I couldn't have cared less about bicycles. After having been talked into trying the sport, I developed a strong passion for riding - and swimming and running. I had a lot of fun in the sport and was honored to compete in my national colors at the 2015 ITU AG World Championship. While I consider myself a triathlete first and foremost, I also love gravel and CX racing, mountain biking and the occasional trip to the velodrome - especially with the amazingly fierce, supportive and overall rad women of my team, BFF Bike Racing. Follow me @princess_layup!

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