Best Water Bottle for You

I am not sure that someone can be considered a water bottle expert exactly.  But if they can, I am pretty sure I have a Ph.D. in water bottles.  My husband calls my collection excessive; I call it thorough.  You need different water bottles for different things even in cycling.  Let’s talk about when you need what.

When you are riding short

You just need some20160804_095248thing that fits inside your water bottle cage on your bike.  Unfortunately, water bottles and water bottle cages are not universal, so you will need to find one that fits yours.  But don’t feel like the more expensive the better.  Honestly the water bottles you get in race goody bags generally work great for this.  You may want to up the ante and get an insulated water bottle if you live in a hot climate or like your drink ice cold like I do.  Look for an easy open spout that you can open with your mouth.

When you are riding long20160804_095349


Consider whether you will be riding for long periods of time in the aero position.  If so, you will want to get a water bottle with a straw that you can put in a cage at the front of your bike between your arms.  Believe me reaching down for a water bottle every few miles will get old.  The straw bottle will make your ride more seamless.  Also consider whether you will be drinking pure water or a mixed drink (not THAT kind!).  If you will have something other than just water you want to make sure you use a bottle that is easy to clean or dishwasher safe.  I like Camelbak Chute styles or just about anything in the Tervis sport collection with the straw lid.

When it’s HOT

Stainless steel double wall insulation may be the best thing tohappen to water bottles – ice cold drink, no condensation.  You can go fancy with S’well or utilitarian with something like FiftyFifty.  They are generally hard to find with a pop top mouth release, so consider these for when you will stop to take a break.

Left is my favorite water bottle – giant, practically indestructible and supports one of my favorite non-profits, the Virginia Aquarium.

When you are not cycling at all

Let’s be honest, neither of these water bottles screams cycling.  Seriously 20160804_095518don’t tell anyone I told you to use a glass water bottle when you ride, but you won’t be riding your bike ALL of the time.  These are great options during cross training or after a ride.  Glass is the gold standard when it comes to a bottle that does not hold any flavors.  Generally, glass water bottles are dishwasher safe making cleaning easy. So if you are having a shake or smoothie glass is your go to option.  And every girl needs a pretty water bottle for everyday use.  If a water bottle is easy to carry, fits in just about any cup holder and keeps your drink cold for a while you are more likely to bring it with you everywhere thus making it more likely you will hydrate throughout the day.

When it comes down to it, getting more water in your body every day is the goal. The water bottle is your tool to do it.

PrintLei is a Moxie Cycling Ambassador and blog contributor. Check out her bio here!


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