3 Essential Items for Feeling Fresh at Work

xtracycle jamie chorney chenxing sideI’m a committed cycle commuter. I’ve done several years of both a 10- and 2-mile-each-way commute and have loved (almost) every day of it. For more of my tips on cycle commuting, see Cycle Commuting: Looking Good When You Arrive from the Moxie blog in March

But, let’s be honest – as much as I love cycling and working, the two pursuits oppose each other a bit when it comes to feeling fresh at work. So, here are my top 3 must-have items to take to the office when you’re commuting by bike:

  1. cottonballsCotton balls spritzed with toner. This is an easy number one for me. Over the years, I’ve picked up several handy small containers and I stuff a cotton ball or cosmetic pad in there, give it a few sprays of toner, and pack a few in my work bag. As soon as I get to work, I wipe the sweat and road grime off my face and I’m ready to go! Sometimes, depending on the temperature, I also wash my face when I arrive at work, but usually the instant clean from the toner is enough to get me ready for the day.
  2. Travel-sized deodorant. I keep a cosmetic pouch at my desk with a few handy essentials, including a small stick of antiperspirant. It’s perfect for a quick touch-up when I get to the office to make sure I’m feeling dry and un-stinky for the day.
  3. Bra and underwear. If I am riding anything more than a couple of miles, a change of bra and underwear is essential. Maybe my butt just sweats more than most, but for me going through the day with clammy underwear is a no-go. Changing only takes a minute and since most of the sweat is absorbed by my clothing rather than staying on my body, a quick change does 90% of the work of a shower with far less time and hassle.

For most days these three items are enough to get me through the day feeling great. Since mornings are much cooler than my homeward commute, I find that I don’t tend to get very sweaty in the morning and so I don’t need very many supplies in order to feel fresh at work.

Here are a few runners-up in my cycling commuter essential list:

    • Shampoo, conditioner, and a towel. I rarely feel the need to shower when I get to work, but I always keep supplies at my desk just in case.
    • Face moisturizer. If I do decide to wash my face at the office, my naturally dry skin needs a little dab of moisturizer afterwards.
    • Perfume tester. I keep a small vial of perfume in my cosmetic bag for any days when I feel the need for a freshness booster.
    • Cycling kit. I keep a spare Moxie jersey and shorts at work, just in case I want to go for a longer ride after work and don’t feel like doing it in street clothes.
    • Cycle-commute clothes. There are a lot of great options out there right now for cycle commuters. Brands like REI, Club Ride, Betabrand, and even Levis have created great-looking tops and pants that breathe well, are comfortable to ride in, and still look professional at the office.



Jamie is a Moxie Cycling Ambassador and blog contributor. Check out her bio here!

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