The Adventures of Karmel & Jester

A true story as told by Jester, a Moxie Cycling ambassador’s first Moxie jersey.

Although I was sandwiched among dozens of tops for sale at the 2012 Utah Goldilocks Century, I was optimistic that someone would take me home. Indeed my bright colors and diamond pattern of the Moxie Jester style and unique T-Back tank design did not scream “typical cycling jersey”, yet it was this distinction that gave me hope I would catch your eye.  You approached me –  exhausted yet victorious after riding 100 miles for the first time ever – and determined to treat yourself with a new top for this sport that you have recently fallen in love with.

Since you were not particularly fond of the current women’s cycle apparel that was on the market at the time, you were THRILLED when you finally found me. I was flattering, functional, and most of all – fabulously fashionable. As a fitness instructor and overall generally active gal, you knew immediately that you would not be wearing me on the bike exclusively.  In fact, for the next few years, even though you wore me quite often, it was rarely on the bike.  And so began the Adventures of Karmel and Jester.

IMG_2272After that first century ride in May 2012, you wore me often to the gym where you teach a variety of fitness classes including indoor cycle, boot camp, Zumba, and aquatics.  You love how my moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly after teaching an intense sweaty class.  You love how my back pockets are so perfect for holding the microphone pack. You love how my fashionable design and colorful pattern invite compliments from students and colleagues on a regular basis.

But our adventures were not limited to the gym. I joined you often at the local amusement park on hot summer days.  Purses are not allowed on some of the rides so my pockets held your keys, phone, and wallet. You beamed with pride when a couple of gals behind us in line on one of the rides asked you, “Where did you get your pocket top??? We love it!”


Although your outdoor cycling took a back seat in 2013 when you started running Spartan obstacle races, I did not. In fact, after running 6 Spartan races wearing various tops that did not hold up well during all of the mud pits and wall climbs and barbed wire crawls, you decided to give me a shot – and I came through for you like champ.  Since you didn’t want to wear a bulky Camelbak or a water bottle holster which could get caught on some of the obstacles, you carried your water bottles in my pockets.  My fantastic fit and built-in bra supported you perfectly as you climbed and crawled and pulled and ran and hoisted and leaped. And best of all, I cleaned up beautifully.  While some of your other tops have been ruined after a Spartan race, you have continued to wear me since, and my colors are brighter than ever and my shape and form are still wonderfully intact.

Our many adventures include travel as you absolutely love me for sightseeing and hiking.  Once again, my pockets allow you to enjoy various destinations without having to lug around a purse or a backpack.   I thrive in the humidity and heat of various climates as I can keep you cool and dry while still making you look stylish.

I looked amazing at the top of Willis Tower in Chicago with the city far below us.  My kaleidoscope of colors complemented the hues of Roberto, the macaw we met on a hike in Cancun.  I performed wonderfully when you climbed a sandy hill in Moab.

You have added to your collection of Moxie jerseys since you first discovered me four years ago and each jersey in your collection performs just as effectively, looks just as flattering and stylish, and earns just as many compliments.

So continue to cycle, run, hike, climb, leap, crawl, jump, dance, teach, swim, and play in your Moxie as much as your heart desires.  We can not only take it… we welcome it.

PrintKarmel is a Moxie Cycling ambassador and blog contributor. Check out her bio here!


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  1. YAY! I know the feeling of finding “the one” – mine was the aqua & grey herringbone t-back. I wore that baby all the time… so much so people started to joke that it was my uniform. 😉 I ended up buying a second just in case.

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