Fitness, Fitness, how do I measure thee?

To be fit or not to be fit, that is the question. Fitness can be measured by how you feel or by objective measures. If I feel like I can go out and ride my bike all day, I am fit. If I feel like I need a nap and have not exercised for a day or two, then, I do not feel fit. The problem with this very subjective measurement is that it may not reflect my capabilities or progress to improve my fitness.

There are many ways to objectively measure fitness and it’s best to keep it simple if you have never assessed your fitness level before. Some of the elements to measure may include:

  • Aerobic fitness – how far can I walk, run, or bike? What’s my heart rate before, during, and after any specified activity?
  • Muscular strength and endurance – how many push-ups can I do? How long can I hold a plank?
  • Flexibility – can I touch my toes?
  • Body composition – what is my body fat percentage or body mass index (BMI)?

Meeting with a personal trainer at your local gym is a great way to gain insight into your fitness level as well as help to develop a plan to improve your fitness.

If the gym is not for you, then check out this Mayo Clinic fitness test, it has an easy way to measure and track your fitness improvements.

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