Carri’s Story

October is finally here – and it’s breast cancer awareness month.  Moxie Cycling is proud to do our small part in seeking a cure and this week, we released a limited-edition mini collection where $5 of every unit sold will be donated to Huntsman Cancer Foundation for women’s cancer research.

We followed up with Carri, who was treated at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  She is a cancer survivor.  We hope to share her story and bring greater awareness of the effects of cancer and the unbelievable strength of the human spirit.

This is Carri’s story…

My name is Carri Lyons.Even though, I was diagnosed and treated 5 years ago, I am finally able to reap the rewards of my cancer diagnosis. After losing our first-born in our second trimester of pregnancy and facing endometrial cancer, my only option available to start a family with my husband was adoption. We cycled over 1,000 miles from Salt Lake City, UT (Huntsman Cancer Hospital actually) to Omaha, NE, as a fundraiser for the adoption of an infant girl from Ethiopia, and to donate 20% of the total earnings to Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We were able to donate $5000 to Huntsman and raised $23K for our adoption.

What were the steps that led to your cancer diagnosis?
It was by the Grace of God. After losing our baby boy at 5 1⁄2 months into my pregnancy, My doctors did not want me to become pregnant again until I had waited one year. At my one-year appointment to find out if I could become pregnant again, my doctors told me that I had polyps in my uterus and they were malignant. Had I not had that one-year follow up appointment, I am not sure where this journey would have taken me.

What type of cancer do/did you have?
Endometrial Cancer

During your treatment, where did you find your strength and moxie?
My strength came in knowing that I had an angel baby looking over me. I knew that God had his hand in this journey for as hard as it was but I found strength in furthering my faith in Him.

Who or what provided the most inspiration for you during treatment?
The staff at HCI was AWESOME! It is so overwhelming at first because you are given so much information as a patient. I could contact HCI at any time if I had questions about my body and they would have information available straight away.

Do you have any advice for other women currently battling cancer?
For as tragic as cancer is, there is a Gift of Grace in it. It is just sitting still and quiet enough to understand what God has in store for you.

Learn more about Moxie’s collaboration with Huntsman Cancer Foundation here.


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