Cindy’s Story

Moxie Cycling recently announced a collaboration with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Next week, we will be releasing a limited-edition mini collection where $5 of every unit sold will be donated back to HCF to help them in their amazing efforts.

At Little Red Riding Hood 2014, we asked fans to stop by our booth, design a jersey and share their story with us. We were truly touched by the amazing stories of strength and love pouring out onto the design boards.

We followed up with Cindy, who was treated at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. She is a cancer survivor. We hope to share her story and bring greater awareness of the effects of cancer and the unbelievable strength of the human spirit.

This is Cindy’s story…

What were the steps that led to your cancer diagnosis?
I went in for my annual mammogram in May 2010 and got called back the next day.  I figured it was routine, since I had been called back on several occasions.  I had even tried to calm a younger and older woman while waiting.  But when the Radiologist can in, I knew by the look in her eyes, I was in trouble… Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

Can you describe your journey with cancer?
I have always been a strong person and feel that strength and perspective helped me become stronger and try to stay positive.

Can you briefly explain the treatment you underwent?
Since it was in my lymph system, I started with chemo. My white blood cell count would go thru the floor, so I could not be around people for the first two weeks.  After chemo, I then had bilateral mastectomy.  They put the implants in for reconstruction at the same time. Later, I had 25 rounds of radiation on the left side. Also, as a side effect of the Tamoxifen I was prescribed, I got really bad Neuropathy in my feet. I’ve since had an electronic trial that tells your brain you don’t have the pain and my feet are now “live-able”, although not normal.

During your treatment, where did you find your strength and moxie?
I knew I needed to keep positive.  My husband had been laid off and the positive was that he was able to go to every doctor appointment and treatment with me.  We would go on adventures after the chemo too.  It was suggested that I keep a journal, which I actually kept both a written one and electronic one.

Has your battle with cancer changed your perspective on life in any way?
Yes, I try to really appreciate everyday.  They are each a gift.

Do you have any advice for other women currently battling cancer?
Attitude!  It is everything.  If you have negative people around you, have them go away, it is ok for you to tell them to come back with they too can be positive.

Learn more about Moxie’s collaboration with Huntsman Cancer Foundation here.


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