Why We Designed It: Adjustable Cycle Skirt

Every woman has a few pairs of black bike shorts in her closet and it took her some time to find the right fit… the right chamois, the right inseam, the right fit around the thigh, the right fit around the waist to avoid the dreaded muffin top… There simply is no such thing as a one size fits all short. For our debut into bottoms (cause we know you’re wearing something with all of your fabulous Moxie jerseys), rather than designing a cycling skirt with a chamois, we created this versatile skirt that is great for layering over your favorite bike shorts or even over yoga pants or capris for time off the saddle.

There are also a few hidden features of our Adjustable Cycle Skirt that make it truly unique. We designed the skirt length to be fully adjustable with a double d-ring inside the waistband that cinches and ruches the side of the skirt like a belt. We personally like to wear the skirt fully extended pre/post ride and ruched to ~10” when on the bike to keep the skirt free from the saddle, especially during rides with a lot of climbs.

Here are some of our favorite jersey/skirt combinations:

Can’t find your size on our website? Checkout Title Nine for full inventory of black/lime and violet skirts.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new piece as well – please share it with us in the reviews section of our website


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