Saved By The Hero Kit


(Left: Out on the trails and prepared for anything with my HeroKit and Crash Pack on board!! Right: All cleaned up after a mountain bike crash … wish I’d had the Crash Pack with me instead of suffering until I got to the trailhead restroom and was able to wash it out.  Can you imagine what it looked like before I washed it?!)

by Andrea Paul

It’s a gorgeous morning to ride, we’ve all got coffee on board and my girlfriends are ready to roll :  Helmet & gloves?  Check!  Moxie Merino Wool Bolero & Moxie headband to cut that morning chill?  Check!  Kate’s Real Food Meal Bar & Water?  Check!  Pump, extra tube … Check!  And repair kit?   Ummmm….? 

It’s a common thing I run into with my fellow female riders.  We are motivated to ride and love being on the bike.  We have a basic knowledge of bike maintenance and if you’re like me, you keep the bike clean, oil the chain regularly and get it tuned up at the beginning and end of the season.  I even have a pretty good idea how to replace a blown tube and have done it a couple of times.

But the last time I went to patch a hole after ending up with a flat tire, I was on the side of a busy highway with 18-wheelers blowing by me, only to discover that despite my best attempts to carry a good patch kit, the glue had dried up, the patches were worthless and though even a bit of duct tape may have got me home, I didn’t have any in there.  Another time I was mountain biking in Fruita, CO and my chain broke, making my pedals spin uselessly.  I was several miles out from the trailhead and had it not been for the guy that came along twenty minutes later who just happened to have an extra link and the knowledge of how to attach it to my chain I would have spent hours hiking the bike back to my car.  The last time my seat needed to be straightened and adjusted I didn’t have the right size tool.  And if something major goes like a cable or a snapped derailleur, well then I’m sort of stuck on the side of the road with 18 wheelers blowing by.  Or miles out on a mountain bike trail, nowhere near help or a friendly bike mechanic.

Enter Hero Kit.  Founded in 2012 by Jason Berv, an avid cyclist from Crested Butte, Colorado, he was quick to act on the idea of a kit that would empower riders to help themselves and others.  Since he often ran into people on his local mountain bike trails who had mechanical difficulties with their bike he soon realized that most of the repairs needed in those situations could be done with a few common tools, a handful of materials and basic bike repair knowledge.  The key piece in his kit that I’ve never seen before is a small detailed repair guide that instructs cyclists on how to repair anything from a broken chain to a cleat bolt.  Easy to read instructions and all the tools you need for every repair fit (for both road and mountain biking) into a compact kit that tucks into the back of your Moxie jersey pocket, your saddle bag or your pack.  They also offer a first aid kit designed specifically for the needs of cyclists and I’ve had a least four occasions I know of where the Crash Pack would have come in quite handy.  Come to think of it, I have at least four scars to prove it!

I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Demand for Hero Kits is growing fast with retail outlets in about 20 states and a strong online presence with powerhouse retailers like and  The Leadville Race Series, organizer and promoter of the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race, selected one of Hero Kit’s products for use by all participants in their Champions Camp.  And they are easy to find on the web at or in many bike shops.  Grab a kit today and ride with the knowledge that you can take care of anything that the road (or trail!) throws your way.  It’s also a perfect gift for your riding buddies and a great idea for anyone you know who is just getting into cycling.  If they already have a good repair kit then get a Crash Pack Kit!  You just never know… “

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