Why We Designed It: Bolero

Rides in the early spring through late fall (and even early morning summer rides) require layering for comfort and the need to find a versatile piece that accomplishes warmth, breathability while being compact creates quite the challenge! 

We started with sourcing premium 100% Merino wool out of New Zealand as a base for this technical piece.  The benefits of wool are lengthy.  Gone are the days of itchy, smelly, thick wool.  Our merino wool is exceptionally soft – in fact it’s so soft that most people don’t even know it is wool!  This piece has two layers of midweight 150gm wool to enhance the benefits of layering.  The natural properties of wool wick away sweat without feeling clammy/cold and we added toggles around the waistband of the jacket to ensure a snug fit without drafts for all body shapes.  No one needs a jacket windsail, which sounds funny, but I think we’ve all experienced a few of those in our time in the saddle.

 And of course in true Moxie fashion, we finished this piece off with a few feminine details – a hidden cuff pocket to store your credit card or lip balm on the inside wrist of the jacket above the bend in your wrist and super cozy, on-trend thumb holes.  With so many fabulous Moxie tank jerseys to choose from in our closet and likely yours, this classic piece is versatile to go with everything and fits perfectly in the enhanced BackpaxTM pocketing system starting in the Spring 2014 line.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new piece as well – please share it with us in the reviews section of our website


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