How To Beat The “Winter Blues”

Beat the winter blues - naturally! Here are 3 tips from Moxie Cycling...

3 Tips to help you beat the winter blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder hits a lot of people hard this time of year… “In fact, some 15 million people (three-fourths of them women) suffer from a depressive condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can have symptoms like low energy, carb cravings, weight gain, and dwindling sex drive”… YIKES! 

Vitamin supplements are available over-the-counter for the winter blues, but if you can tackle it naturally – why not?! Here are 3 tips we recommend for boosting your mood and hopefully shaking away any SAD you may be experiencing – the natural way: 

Keep moving!

Just because the polar vortex has blanketed the outdoors with snow, doesn’t mean you should stay bundled up inside all day. If you haven’t tried fat bikes aka snow bikes – they can be a really fun way to get out in the fresh powder and spin your legs. They offer a pretty stellar core workout since you’re using more stability muscles than with other cycling. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can hit up the gym, go for a walk, or even ski – whatever it takes to get your blood & endorphins pumpin’.

Don’t become a hermit!

Cold weather is a killer for social lives but hey – happy hour happens all year long. Convince a few of your bff’s to meet up for a cocktail (or two)! If you’re not into grabbing drinks after work, try to get a few of your gal-pals together for a movie night, knitting party, or whatever floats your boat as long as you’re having fun and being social.

Soak up the sun!

The amount of daylight may be limited in some areas this time of year but try to get outside (or by a nice, big window) for 30 mins to an hour a day. If that’s not an option, light therapy from light boxes and can help lift your spirits.

Hope these tips help you get along – hang in there!


Quote Source: Women’s Health Mag



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