Essential Eye Protection

By Helen E. 

It’s a bit of a dreary day here in Atlanta and while I usually consider myself a “fair weather” rider, the temperature is just too awesome for me to not go for a spin!  One of the pieces of gear that I never leave without is some sort of eye protection.  I always have something to shield my eyes from the elements just in case I find the desire to ride in weather that isn’t bright and sunny.

It’s important to remember that no matter where the sun is, your eyes need protection from other elements. Debris from the road, bugs and rain from an unexpected shower are just a couple things to consider when you’re gearing up for a ride. So, which lenses are good when it isn’t necessarily sunny and how to do you find glasses for different conditions? 


There are 3 lens types that you typically find in the cycling world: the dark sometimes mirrored lens that’s optimal for bright and sunny days; the mid-range light pink or gray lens that is great for overcast days and trail riding in shaded areas; and lastly, the clear lens that’s perfect for rainy days and night rides.  You can get a different pair of shades with each lens type or you can opt for a pair of glasses that comes with interchangeable lenses.  Either way, you’ll be set for a ride in any condition!


Tifosi Podium XC cycling glasses
Photo courtesy of

Your local shop is a great resource for finding the perfect pair of shades.  Most shops have a couple of brands of glasses that you can try on before you buy.  Bike shops also have glasses geared toward, well, cyclists.  You’ll often find glasses that have multiple lenses that are interchangeable giving you the option to switch out lenses without having to switch glasses.  My current personal favorites are the Tifosi Podium XC.  They have 3 different lenses which are super easy to switch out, come in fun colors and are a great price at $80!

No matter what conditions you like to ride in, eye protection is a must!  Get a good pair (or pairs) of riding glasses that allow you to jump on your bike no matter what the weather is doing.  Your eyes will thank you.

Happy riding, y’all!


Do you have a favorite pair of glasses for when you ride or run? Tell us in a comment!



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