Strength: It’s What’s for Lunch

by Susan Lacke from Fit Bottomed Girls

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The lunchtime workout can be a puzzle for most people. In 60 minutes, we’re supposed to change clothes, break a sweat, shower, change clothes again and get back to the office. Oh, and there’s that little thing called eating, too!

If you’ve arrived late to one too many 1 PM meetings with helmet hair and a hungry belly, it may be time to change up your lunchtime routine. Strength training with body weight exercises are a perfect solution – it’s low-maintenance, requires no equipment, can be done anywhere (even in your office!) and will make you stronger for when you do get on the bike. The best part? You’ll still have time to grab a bite to eat! 

Your Lunchtime Workout

Do at least two sets of each for a well-rounded workout – more, if you’ve got the time!

Leg Drives:

Stand 3-4 feet from a wall. Extend your arms and lean into the wall, then bring left knee up towards your chest. Lower knee and repeat with the right leg. Alternate legs every five seconds, gradually increasing the speed of leg turnover until you hit a challenging rhythm.

Walking Lunges:

Keeping your chest up and out, step forward and drop into a lunge position. Pushing off with your entire front foot, return to an upright position and walk forward, repeating the action with alternate the leg. Take ten “steps” with each leg. If limited on space, just step forward and push back, alternating legs.

Wall Sit:

Leaning against a wall, slide down until you are in a seated position. Keep your back flat against the wall and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold this position for 60 seconds.


Start by squatting low to the ground with your hands on the floor for balance. While pressing on the ground with your hands, kick your feet back until you are in a push-up position. Do one pushup, then immediately return to the squat position. Leap up and return to the squat position upon landing. Repeat 10 times.

Donkey Kick:

Start in a push-up position on the floor. Push off on your toes and tap your heels to your rear end before returning to a push-up position. Repeat 10 times.


Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you and your hands on the floor next to your hips. Slightly curve your back forward, then use your hands to lift your hips and legs off the floor. With your legs in mid-air, point your toes and hold for 5 seconds before returning to the floor. Repeat 10 times.


Lie down on your stomach. Resting on your forearms, push off the floor until you’re on your toes. Keep your back flat – if your butt is in the air or you’re sagging in the middle, that’s a sign you need to tilt your pelvis and use your core muscles. Don’t forget to breathe! Hold for 60 seconds.


While laying on your stomach with your arms outstretched, simultaneously lift your chest and feet as high off the floor as you can. Hold for 3 seconds, then rest for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

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