Roundup: Stocking Stuffers for Cycling Bookworms

What we love this week // Stuff the Stocking of the Bicycling Bookworm in your Life

Hooray for snow! We have finally gotten over a foot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota and although it limits the cycling industry to the very few and admirable, I’m happy we will have a semi-White Christmas. This is the Midwest after all! And after a full summer season, I finally have a reason to stay indoors and catch up on the books that have been making my ‘To Read’ list embarrassingly long. I have managed to cross a few off in the last few months and if you or a reader on your Christmas list is in need of a read, these would make excellent stocking stuffers.

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves


Rating from 4.16/5 from 21,174 ratings

A co-worker lent me this book after reading it in a couple nights and advised it is an engrossing, quick read. At the time I was traveling to San Diego for a long weekend, and on the plane home it was the perfect distraction and keep my attention the entire time. It only took a couple nights after that to finish the book and I was eager to find out what happened chapter to chapter, making this perfect for the readers who don’t have much patience for long and detailed plot lines.

Another great outdoor setting book is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson


I had heard good thing after good thing about this book, but was honestly a little put off by the cover which gave me the feeling the book was all warm fuzzies and fun facts.But you know what they say, (everyone in chorus), ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and this was certainly a misjudge. Bill Bryson does the perfect job mixing facts with his adventure along the Appalachian Trail and I found myself in a fit of laughter more than a few times. This is a great non-fiction book that will make you want to jump into your hiking boots as soon as spring comes around again.

And last, here’s a book I have on my list still, and plan on reading before Springtime,

Bicycling for Women by Gale Bernhardt 


Reviewed by VeloPress, this is a staple on any newcomer to the cycling world’s shelf:

From bone structure to physiology to aging patterns, women are different from men, yet most serious cycling books fail to take into account the particular concerns of female athletes. In Bicycling for Women, cycling authority Gale Bernhardt discusses all things female for beginning and intermediate cyclists.

Comprehensive and scientific, Bernhardt’s presentation is up-to-date, smart, and easily understood. She addresses basic questions on bike fit, equipment, and training before moving on to the additional issues specific to women, such as cycling and pregnancy, injury prevention for women, nutrition and diet plans for the female athlete, and tips for making cycling more comfortable.

Encouraging for newcomers and invigorating for experienced athletes with new goals, Bicycling for Women is an indispensable resource for women who enjoy fitness and love to ride.

Stay Sassy…

Team Moxie


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